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Måns Zelmerlöw, a Eurovision hero for Sweden

16 May 2015 at 19:34 CEST
Third time lucky proved to be right for Måns Zelmerlöw as he managed to win the ticket for the Eurovision Song Contest in his third attempt; and lucky is also his starting position in the second Semi-Final, as 13 is his favourite number.

During his day off Måns has found some time to play tennis, one of his passions, and also to attend the Nordic party on Friday night where he performed a medley of his three Eurovision attempts.

But on Saturday afternoon it was time for the Swedish delegation to take to the stage of the Wiener Stadthalle for the second rehearsal of Heroes. The main challenge in between rehearsals is bringing the screen that shows the projections during the presentation of the song.

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Måns has a well rehearsed act and looks very confident on stage while giving a powerful performance. He is dressed in casual wear, with a grey jumper and black leather trousers, just like he did during this year's national selection of Sweden, Melodifestivalen.

Do you want to know why 13 is Måns lucky number? Check it on our video below:

It is a strong song even without the screen

The Swedish postcard shows Måns getting into an ice cave, pretending he is an astronaut in Mars. "It was really nice, the cave and the outfit were amazing. Some kind of prototype of what they'd actually use for real in Mars. It was very heavy and we only had 40 sec of oxygen and, being semi claustrophobic myself, I'll never forget that experience!", Zelmerlöw told upon arrival at his press conference.

"It is a strong song even without the screen", Måns believes. "Simple and powerful, even if the projections lift the song. Both together work great and the stick man is even cuter now!" the singer told when asked about his performance.

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About their popular national selection, Melodifestivalen, the Swedish Head of Delegation, Christer Björkman said: "We totally love this in Sweden, we take a lot of pride in doing the best we can and that's the only advice I can give to any other country, to tell to your local artists that this is big and a great opportunity for their careers".

Måns declared: "I've been a Eurovision fan since I was a kid, and my favourite is the Armenian song from 2009, Jan Jan". And would he do it again? "I love Melodifestivalen, and it's so big in Sweden that I don't think I could keep my hands away from it".

The singer also talked about the preparations for his performance: "rehearsals started in November, starting with the moves, and then the story, the explosions... it took a while. It's been some sweat and tears shed on the way".

Would Måns have preferred to win on one of his earlier attempts? "Heroes had the right momentum this year, a powerful song with a nice message and I am happy that it happened now, I feel ready now".