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Lucía Pérez (Spain) 1st press conference (Big Five)

Lucía is from the Celtic region of Galicia and has been winning music contests since childhood. Her first album came out in 2003 and promptly received the 'Galician Gold Disc Award'. She has now produced a total of four albums, the last of which was recorded entirely in the Galician language.

The award-winning singer expressed admiration for Amaury Vassili's decision to sing in Corsican. She believes that each country should sing in their own languages, which for Spain means not only Spanish, but also Catalan, Galician, Basque, and other regional languages.

The song itself was not Lucía's original choice, but she now stands fully behind the decision: “This song has a positive energy that I didn't realize at first.” She also likes the song entries from the UK, Austria, and Switzerland, but feels every country could succeed because the quality of all the songs are good.

Lucía is Spain's first Galician singer in the Eurovision Song Contest and she is proud to be representing her country. Her home region fully supports her. 

Lucía has received many good luck talismans, but she would not be able to move if she wore all of them on stage: "But Galicia will be very much present on stage, not only through my own person, but with the arrangement of the song done with Galician instruments and also my costume, designed by Galician young fashion artists."

Many other contestants have indicated they would spend some time relaxing between now and their performances next week. Not the Spanish delegation, which intends to keep rehearsing and planning at full throttle. The Head of Delegation declared: “No resting, this is a big war! We have a big delegation of 20 -25 persons. We will be having private rehearsals just to correct and fine-tune the performing. We will also be working hard on PR. We will spend all of the day and part of the nights as well preparing for the performance!”

Lucía and her backup vocalist concluded the press conference by performing an excerpt from her Spanish entry and a Galician favourite 'Lela'.

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