Lucia is getting ready

The prestigious choreographer Lola González has created an uplifting and happy choreography with some easy steps for the audience to follow at home. "I want the choreography to be as catchy as the song".

 ...It's almost all finished. And I hope you like the result because we have done it with great enthusiasm" - Lola González, choreographer.

Even if Lucía will be in the centre of the performance, she will have backing singers and dancers around: Cristina Domínguez, Sandra Borrego, Amaury Reinoso, Juan Francisco Solsona ‘Nito’ and Ginés Cano. Lucía states that she's "very happy to have such a nice team. And glad with all the work we're doing and the result we're having"!

You can check a bit of the choreography in the following video:

Lucía's new album including her Eurovision entry Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao (They Can't Take The Fun Away From Me) have just been released through Warner music, and now she's fully on promotion for that. The album is calle Cruzo Los Dedos (Fingers Crossed), of course wishing for the best in Germany.

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One of the promo events took her to Jerez in the South of Spain, to the field of the first Spanish Moto GP of 2011. She was riding the circuit on a bike driven by the Spanish pilot, and 13 times world champion, Angel Nieto, as you can see in the photo gallery. Very confident and with the nerves still calmed she hopes that Eurovision will bring  "so much joy to the Spanish people, as did the bikes last year".


Lucia Perez will represent Spain at the Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf (Germany), on Saturday the 14th of May. Spain were lucky to get a wildcard to choose their starting position in the Final and will perform as number 22.

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