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Lucia having fun on the Düsseldorf stage

Lucía Pérez was cheerful backstage. She was assured that the changes her team had asked for had been carried out for the second rehearsal. But generally, she was happy with the first rehearsal.

"The sound was really improving as the first rehearsal was proceeding. We wanted to change some of the background images and also some lighting afterwards. We think that this will be fixed already for today's rehearsal," she tells

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Now, there will be five days before her next rehearsal in the arena, since the Semi-Finals will have their dress rehearsals and broadcasts until then. Friday will see the first dress rehearsal for the Final.

"I think that it's great that we have some days of waiting now," Lucía says.

"After that, we will have a very intense time. While the rest of the countries are rehearsing and trying to progress from the Semi-Finals, we will keep on rehearsing and doing our own stuff, so it's not that we are going to be waiting. Of course, for the last rehearsals, we have to be ready and can just do some final touches."

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The press conference

Amongst those on the table for the press conference the composer Rafael Artesero, who also wrote two Andorran entries in 2005 and 2006 and the choreographer Lola Gonzalez.

The French artist is singing in a regional language, Corsican, and she defends that each country should sing in a language of their own, and for them it is Spanish, or regional languages, like Galician.

Lucia studied to be a music teacher but she hopes not to work as a teacher, that would mean that her music career is successful. "But don't get me wrong, I'm very proud of my studies".

Last year the Spanish performance was disturbed by Jimmy Jump getting up on stage. Had they made any preparations in case someone gets up on stage again? The choreographer replies that they'd run to catch him and show him the moves.

 My life's changed massively in a positive way since she I chosen to represent Spain.

Then, the Spanish singer has to go on explaining an anecdote that the winning song in the Spanish selection, and thus representing Spain, "Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao (They Can't Take The Fun Away From Me)", was not the one she wanted to sing, but now she's fully convinced of what she's doing and of the song. "This song has a positive energy that I didn't realised at first".

Among the other songs Lucía likes the UK song, Switzerland, Austria... but she's just noticing here in Germany that every song has a chance, "'cos they're all good!"

"People on my region are very happy, and the large community of Galicians living in Europe support me too!". She's very proud to be the first Galician singer to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest. "The promotion I'm getting back home couldn't be better, and nation wide the work done so far is also extraordinary, especially by our broadcaster, TVE".

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Lucía Pérez will carry a talisman, "but in my heart, which is where I carry my luck". Many people gave her things that she won't be able to carry on stage. "But Galicia will be very much present on stage, not only through my own person, but with the arrangement of the song done with Galician instruments and also my costume, designed by Galician young fashion artists".

And then, her backing singers and dancers got together with Lucía to perform with her and a guitar a bit of the Spanish entry and the Galician language classic Lela.

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