LTV reveals Latvian final ten

The broadcaster announced the final ten at a press conference today. The following are the lucky chosen ones, to take the stage in the final of Eirodziesma 2010.

  • Lauris Reiniks - Your Morning Lullaby - Written by Lauris Reiniks
  • PeR - Like A Mouse - Written by Mārtiņš Freimanis
  • H2O - When I Close My Eyes - Music by Stanislavs Judins, lyrics by Janis Strapcans
  • Dons - My Religion Is Freedom - Music by Zigmars Liepins, Janis Liepins, lyrics by Nikita Kellerman, Zigmars Liepins
  • Project Konike - Digi Digi Dong - Music by Edijs Snipke, Andris Konters, lyrics by Edijs Snipke
  • Aisha - What For? (Only Mr.God Knows Why) - Music by Janis Lusens, lyrics by Guntars Racs
  • Kristine Karkla - Rišti Rašti - Music by Raimonds Tigulis, lyrics by Valts Ernstreits
  • Ivo Grisnins - Grislis - Because I Love You - Music by Ingars Vilums, lyrics by Ingars Vilums
  • Kristina Zaharova - Snow in July - Music by Janis Strazds, lyrics by Guntars Racs
  • Trianas parks - Lullaby For My Dreammate (Diamond Lullaby) - Written by Agnese Rakovska 

The most familiar names among the finalists are Lauris Reiniks and Mārtiņš Freimanis, who represented Latvia at Europe's favourite TV-show respectively 2003 in the trio F.L.Y on home soil in Riga. 

You can listen to all of the songs on Eirodziesma website.

Latvia did not qualify for the Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with Intars Busulis' Probka.

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