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Lovebugs for Switzerland!

19 January 2009 at 17:01 CET

The group Lovebugs was set up in 1992 and consists of 5 members: Adrian Sieber (vocals). Thomas Rechberger (guitars), Florian Senn (bass), Stefan Wagner (keyboards) and Simon Ramseier (drums). The group has released 10 albums since 1994 of which three reached the No.1 spot in the official Swiss album charts. Their new album The Highest Heights will be released this week, on the 23rd of January.

Lovebugs' most known song up to now is probably Avalon which they recorded together with Norwegian singer Lene Marlin in 2006 and which reached the top 10 of the Swiss singles charts.

Just like the last four years, Swiss television opted for an internal choice of both singer and song. Switzerland didn't qualify for the grand final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest despite Paolo Meneguzzi being named as one of the favourites beforehand.