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Love classical Cyprus

Before her rehearsal, we caught up with Ivi Adamou and her backing performers backstage, and took the opportunity to get some photographs

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Classical image

In terms of performance and choreography, and the background LED screens, it was almost identical to the first rehearsal that we witnessed a few days ago. The classical themes are still present in the stage design with the antique books. However the most obvious difference was in the costumes, where all the female singers and dancers were dressed in short beige dresses, with small individual variations between them, for example some are sleeveless. The male backing vocalist however is kept well in the dark, and he is in fact part of the composing team behind La, La, Love.

Ivi Adamou's own outfit has the addition of a more sparkly top, to distinguish her from her fellow artistes.

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Is it true?

As one of the last press conferences of the day, there weren't a huge number of press and fans assembled, but they were all very enthusiastic when they greeted Ivi Adamou and the Cypriot delegation. There were eleve people in total on stage, including backing performers, vocal coach, record company representative, choreographer, and the Head of Delegation, meant it was a crowded platform.

One question that comes up regularly is what is your favourite Eurovision song, and this press conference was no exception. Ivi replied with Is It True, the Icelandic runner up from 2009, and proceeded to give her own short interpretation of the song.

Once more, vocal coach, Elena Patraclou, also found hereself answering a question; which was whether she would participate ever again in the contest? Elena has been involved five times before in various capacities, most notably as a soloist in 1991, but has also been a backing vocalist. Elena thought that she had probably done enough with Eurovision, but didn't rule out the role of vocal coach in the future, and that her centre stage experience in Rome remains a big moment in her life.

The Cypriot team are very optimistic of their chances this year, and the Head of Delegation proposed that if Cyprus were to win, that they might host an open air beach party contest, but failing that, as they had already staged the 2008 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Limassol, which had been widely praised as one of the best editions, they could host the main competition if required.

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