Loucas Yiorkas feat. Stereo Mike (Greece) 2nd press conference

Loucas says the Eurovision Song Contest has already been a very educational experience for him: “My favourite music is traditional folk music, but I also like to learn other types of music. This is the gift that I have received from taking part in this contest. Eurovision is like a school for us.”

Watch My Dance involves “a mix of two elements, the oldest folk music in Greek, and the most modern rap and hip hop”. Stereo Mike, a versatile rap artist who is also a Lecturer at the University of Westminster, admitted that this experiment was controversial: “Whenever something is completely new, there's as discussion about whether it will work. Rap has not been represented very much yet in Eurovision, but why not? This is a golden opportunity to deliver a message in rap style.”

The traditional Greek dance element of the song, known as 'Zeibekiko', prompts the performer to look within and confront personal emotions. It includes spiritual catharsis and cleansing oneself of the evil inside oneself in order to survive. Survival on the street is also a common theme in rap. Stereo Mike saw the connection and wanted to produce a song that forges a bridge between the two.

The Greek delegation was asked if Greece would be able to host the Eurovision Song Contest next year in the event of victory this year. Loucas replied: “We have some economic problems, but we have a lot of posititive endergy and we feel that sometimes the energy is more important than the money.”

And the Greek Head of Delegation added: “We are here to participate and of course we know all our rights and obligations. If the audience trusts us and we will be the winner, we will organise another contest like the wonderful contest we organized in 2006. It is also possible to organse a very good contest with less money.”

Loucas concluded the press conference with his favourite Eurovision song - 'Lane Moje', composed and sung by Željko Joksimović for Serbia & Montenegro in Eurovision 2004.

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