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Lots of changes for the Netherlands

06 May 2011 at 18:24 CEST

Backstage - Italian suits for 3JS

3JS were nervous backstage.

"I'm pretty fine, but a little bit nervous. I'm more nervous for the rehearsal than for the actual contest," lead singer Jan Dulles tells.

"We don't know what to expect now. After the first rehearsal we had to talk over some things in our stage act. We have to do it good now, this is the last big rehearsal. We had a little talk with the light people and camera people, and they know what we want and we know what to do on stage."

"We also have to change our own stage performance, we have to move a little bit more. The first rehearsal was more of a monitor and audio rehearsal for me."

Now, they also wear their especially made stage suits.

"They are real Italian suits, mafia suits!" Jan tells.

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Rehearsal - Let's dance!

As the Dutch band 3JS enter the stage to perform their entry, Never Alone, the first change from the first rehearsal is that the band and backing singers are all wearing their costumes for the night. 

Jan, Jan and Jaap are all wearing very smart costumes that are also stylish with white and dark colours. The backing singers are all wearing black, which altogether makes a very stylish group of people on stage. 

During the song the stage seems a lot busier than it before with two steady cams on at the same time and the light rigging changing after the first chorus. 

The guys are also moving around much more in comparison to the first performance, making the actual performance a lot more kinetic and interesting. The backing singers are also incredibly mobile, moving round the stage and dancing a lot with the band. 

The camera angles and the way the lights are being used has also changed slightly, to fit with the increased movements of the band. For example there are a lot more spotlights and flashing lights being used to emphasise the rhythm of the song. 

Vocally, the 3JS are still very strong but this time round the backing vocals are slightly lower than before, which means that they are not drowning out the lead singer so much.

During the rehearsal you could see that the guys were a lot happier and more at ease with their performance this time around. 

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The video of the Dutch second rehearsal:

Press Conference

The press conference started with a description of the changes that had taken place. "We were moving towards each other much more and the lights were more rock-like". 

"We also had some meetings with the lighting manager and producers to try and improve our show after our first rehearsal", said Jan. 

The guys also talked briefly about their interests which include walking, watching sport and visiting the Ijselmeer, near the village they live in, in the Netherlands. 

To finish off with the guys said they will be going to loads of parties ahead of the Semi-Final on the 12th of May. They also performed an acoustic version of their song, Never Alone. 

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