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Loreen, Eurovision winner in 2012, makes a comeback to the competition
Loreen, Eurovision winner in 2012, makes a comeback to the competition
Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

Loreen is u-u-u-u-u-u-up on stage

Before going on stage for her second rehearsal we took the opportunity to take a few photographs with Loreen while she was in make-up.

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The Swedish team have come well prepared to Baku, and have a clear idea of how they want to song to look on the stage. The only real noticeable change from the first rehearsal was that Loreen is now wearing her stage costume, so we are edging closer as to how the performance will look in the Second Semi-Final next week.

Snow motion and slow motion

Loreen looked calm and relaxed during her rehearsals, even while the crew were trying to sort out the  snow effect, which took up some of her valuable rehearsal time. The LED screens show some snow towards the end of the song, but there is also the addiiton of the artificial snow which falls on Loreen herself and her backing dancer.

At the conclusion of the song it features a nice slow motion effect of Loreen as she jumps back down to the ground.

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Happy with changes requested

Loreen had changed from her stage outfit for the press conference, and was accompanied by her dancer, the three female backing vocalists, and Christer Bjorkman. The composers behind the song were also present in the hall, but weren't up on the stage to take questions.

The Swedish delegation were very happy with their second rehearsal, and that the changes they had requested following the first rehearsal had been done to thir satisfaction.

One journallist asked whether those changes had included a change in the male backing dancer, as in the first rehearsal the dancer had unfortunately dropped Loreen. Despite this, they have retained the same dancer, and put the error down to all the various distractions within the hall, the cameras etc, as in the first rehearsal they were all still getting used to everything.

Loreen seems to be handling the pressure of being the favourite very well, and remarked that it wasn't all about her, and that it was about us. She doesn't allow her ego to get the better of her.

There are more wide shots with the camera work than there was in the Melodifestivalen, when it was mainly shot in close up, but Loreen was well satisfied with these changes, as she feels it is betetr for the song and performance to see some more wide shots.

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