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Loreen: "I felt like in a vacuum, like time stopped"

After the winning performance of Loreen's Euphoria, the Swedish delegation headed back to the press conference stage at the Baku Crystal Hall to answer the questions of the journalists at the winners press conference.

First of all, Loreen spoke to the press audience: "I have so many things to say to all of you who believed in me. Thanks for your support, from all of my heart!"

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A representative of the Swedish public broadcaster, SVT, asked Loreen: "How did you manage to focus and take us to victory?" She replied: "I slept a lot, I ate a lot, and I tried not to think too much about this performance. I am a shy person, to be honest. To the Swedish audience, I would like to say thank you for giving this type of performance a chance."

"The trouble I had yesterday was that I swallowed the snow during the performance, so I had to cough. Shit happens", Loreen explained about her problems at yesterday's Jury Final.

"Lisa Gerrard has a very special sound, and she inspired me a lot", she answered to the question of an Australian journalist. "When I think about Sweden, I think about nature, clear air, water - organic", Loreen elaborated on her associations with her home country.

"I hope that Euphoria stays in the hearts of the people as long as possible", she replied to the question of an Azerbaijani journalist. About her feelings in the green room, she stated: "I felt like in a vacuum, like time stopped."

After that, Loreen's mother was invited to the press conference stage, and she hugged her daughter and started to cry of joy.

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Christer Björkman from the Swedish delegation stated about the possible host city of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest: "We have several cities that are suitable, and several arenas where it would be possible. The only thing that's sure is that it will be in Sweden." He went on to thank the host broadcaster, Ictimai TV, and the host country of Azerbaijan for their hospitality and for organising a great contest. "All the people here were incredibly friendly", he added.

About her Russian contenders who came second, Loreen said: "They gave me their necklace and made me really happy." She also said she would celebrate her victory tonight: "I will party my own way - people, great food, and then I'll sleep."

Then the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, Jon Ola Sand, entered the stage to congratulate Loreen on her victory. "This is an invitation to Geneva for you and your core team, in June. We will give you advice and help you every way that we can, to make the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest a memorable event", he assured the Swedish delegation. "We appreciate the Swedish efforts in the past years a lot, it's a bright example for every other country how much you achieved on your home market", he went on. "We welcome everyone to Sweden next year", Christer Björkman added.

"What does the dance mean?" was the most asked question about Loreen's performance on Twitter according to an Austrian journalist, and Loreen explained: "Dance means freedom. There are no rules, it just shows what you feel like. Just be whatever you wanna be."