Long-awaited selection rules for Belarus revealed

Elena Gomalinskaya, from BTRC, told Eurovision.tv today the deadline for submitting entries for their national selection is the 15th of February. There's no nationality limit, meaning authors all over the world can send in their entries. 

Their representative for the 2010 edition of Europe's favourite TV-show will will be chosen by a focus group and announced no later than the 10th of March. Whether that selection process will be televised or not, is yet to be decided.

Belarus did not qualify for the Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with Petr Elfimov's Eyes That Never Lie. It did get an award, though, as during his performance a camera shot was used which was awarded a prestigious prize. Read more about that in our news about the Guild of Television Cameramen Worldwide giving Karsten Jacobsen the Award for Excellence 2009.

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