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Loïc Nottet feels the rhythm...

11 May 2015 at 14:18 CEST
Today, Loïc Nottet from Belgium took to the Vienna stage for the very first time to rehearse Rhythm Inside. 

"Right now I feel excited to see the stage"

Loïc Nottet arrived at the Wiener Stadthalle for his first rehearsal today and was visibly eager to get on the stage to perform Rhythm Inside for the first time. At the tender age of just 19, participating in the Eurovision Song Contest is an experience of a lifetime for Loïc. Although, as a finalist in the last season of The Voice Belgique, he is by no means inexperienced when it comes to performing for large audiences.

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Minimalism and strobe lighting 

The on-stage presentation of Rhythm Inside is very minimalist, with the stage lighting up with dots of white and a background of white 3D boxes moving to the beat of the song. Flash lighting is also used quite impressively to help accentuate the performance, giving an overall surrealist feel which perfectly matches the song. 

On stage, Loïc is joined by 5 dancers/backing singers who perform a carefully choreographed set. At one point, Löic lies on the floor with one of the backing performers putting her foot up on his chest, adding a surrealy and dangerous element to the performance; all in all very effective!

Despite his young age, Löic is a very confident performer and sings very well. 

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