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[LIVE] Day 7 at the B&W Hallerne #JoinUs

Posted 4 May 2014 at 17:31

@15:45 Don't forget about the Opening reception tonight at 18:00 CET! We will have a special LIVE coverage from the red carpet.
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@15:22 The three hosts of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest met the press at the B&W Hallerne today to talk about their roles and to present a very special song they have recorded together: the somewhat comical 12 Point Song.
@15:03 It's time for another video we made in the backstage while hanging out with the artists! Part 2.
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@14:52 In Copenhagen is sunny, but in B&W Hallerne when lovely Ruth performs is rainy and emotional - only on stage of course. Here you can find more photos made during her rehearsal.

@14:41 You are surely impatient to see Ruth's (Spain) rehearsal. Here's a short video preview!
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@14:30 More photos made during the rehearsals in B&W Hallerne. Emma from Italy really rocked the stage - in Italian style!
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@14:21 As soon as the stage performance starts, it looks like Emma is having a "live gig" with her band. Still, it all looks more glamourus than the performance in some club. Check it out yourself!
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@14:13We want a strong, powerful performance this time. Our team came up with the concept based on glam rock from the 70s combined with some futuristic elements”, Nicolo Cerioni who is in charge for the stage direction together with Leandro Emede explained. Find out more in the following article.
@14:05 The Danish stage presentation very much focuses on Basim and his entourage on stage: two dancers, and three backing singers come supporting artists.

@13:56 The last to rehearse today is Ruth from Spain!

@13:47 Here's one more answer from our beloved Eurovision participants. This time from Molly (UK). Check it out! #AskEurovision.
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@13:39 #JoinUs at "Meet & Greet" with the French constants: TWIN TWIN.

@13:23 You will be amazed with what you are going to see on the stage while Emma from Italy perfroms. It's something completely different for Italy this time. Glam rock vs modern and futuristic! Here are some photos we made while hanging out with the Italian delegation in the backstage.

@13:14 Dear Eurovision fans, hopefully you have already noticed that we are using your questions for this year's contestants, you have been submitting in the last few days using a tag #AskEurovision. Here's Elaiza from Germany answering your question! Any comments?
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@13:03 Emma is know as an energetic performer, which means that we can expect much dynamic stage performance for Italy in the Grand Final this year. More details to come - stay tuned!
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@12:52 Finally a short preview from the first rehearsal for Basim. The Danish stage presentation very much focuses on Basim and his entourage on stage: two dancers, and three backing singers come supporting artists.
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@12:35 While we are having a short break in B&W Hallerne, let's check our first backstage video for today. Enjoy and let us know what do you think.
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@12:22 Basim this year's contestant from Denmark was, as always, in a good mood and smiling backstage. He had his first rehearsal at the B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen today, where the pressure was on for the young artist, who is represting his country on home turf.

@12:10 The whole performance of the French band TWIN TWIN is very colourful and catchy. The very first tune sounds funny and makes you dance, and sing with TWIN TWIN "Moustache"!

@12:04 Denmark will be rehearsing in some minutes too."The song is about a girl I meet and have a crush on. I try and do everything I can in order to get her to love me, but no matter what I do, it just feels like a cliché, and that is the theme of the song. But there is a twist to the song", explains Basim.
@11:55 Lorent, François and Patrick wore colourful and flashy clothes: “We’ll try this combination today,” François told, and Patrick told about his make-up: "It takes origin in Africa, Tanzania and means that I am my own master." Here's a sneak peek from their rehearsal.
{Video#YT, id: FZq3QCT1iow}
@11:48 Eurovision.tv met the French participants backstage: “We arrived Yesterday”, Lorent, one of the singes started to sing Beatles’ song.

@11:39 As in all rehearsals taking place in the Eurovision arena, it is the final one that includes any pyros or special effects. That was also the case with Molly's Power To The People.

@11:33 As early as 17:00 CET, the host city Copenhagen will start warming up on the City Hall Square. From 17:50 a live broadcast will follow the events on the red carpet – both on a big screen on the City Hall Square and on Eurovision.tv. More details in the following article.
@11:25 Molly takes centre stage in front of the drummer, with two backing vocalists each side of the drumkit. There is some dry ice, creating a fog effect at the opening of the song. Check it out and let us know what you think!
{Video#YT, id: I7EryaOFh3E}
@11:19 More photos from the arena! Elaiza's stage performance. Is It Right sounded really good girls!

@11:11 We will be having french contestants on the stage soon. With its bouncy melodies, a healthy sense of gimmick, and the liveliness of its lyrics, Twin Twin is a perfect example of the YOLO (You Only Live Once) generation.
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@11:02 Molly took the job of creating a song for the Eurovision Song Contest very seriously and says the song "needed to be a big concept. It can't just be a nice song, it's got to be a little bit anthemic. So I came up with six or seven ideas in the space of 48 hours and this one just stood out." Let's take a look what's going on in the backstage this morning!

@10:54 It take a lot of effort to make the performance perfect. Molly and her team knows it quite well.
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@10:48 Some photo we made in the backstage before Elaiza's rehearsal are also ready for you to share. Hopefully you will enjoy are first image gallery for today.

@10:40 Next to rehearse is UK. Molly Smitten-Downes is really looking forward to see what's like to perform in this year's Eurovision venue and we are really impatient to see her on stage too. Who is more excited about it: Molly or all the Eurovision fans out there? What do you think :)
@10:35 Don't forget that there is a LIVE stream during the "Meet & Greet" in the Press conference are. You can find more information in our Web TV section. First to join the press will be the German delegation.
@10:28 And our very first video for today is already up! You don't have to wait any longer. Here's Elaiza reharsing on this year's Eurovision stage. Check it out and tell us what you think!
{Video#YT, id: Apof8ktn-sE}
@10:19 Elaiza (Ela-i-sa) is the new female German act evolving around singer-songwriter Ela Steinmetz. Ela's Ukrainian-Polish background clearly influences her songwriting and singing. They represent Germany at 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Stay tuned as we will have the video Eurovision.tv made during Elaiza's rehearsal in some minutes!
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@10:15 You the opportunity to ask this year's Eurovision contestants some question. You can submit some by using a tag #AskEurovision!
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@10:01 Elaiza (a young pop trio) from Germany is about to start its first rehearsal. Ela, Natalie and Yvonne seem to be in a good mood and enjoying being on the Eurovision stage. More details in the following article!
Keep in mind that we are updating our content all the time, so refresh the page once in a while in order to get the latest informtion.
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@09:15 Until the first rehearsal for today starts, let's check some of the videos we produced yesterday at B&W Hallerne. You can watch all the stage performances of the semifinalists in the Second Semi-final here.
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@09:01 Forget all about the Guinness Book of Records; now it's all about the Eurovision Book of Records! Find out more in the following article we have just published.
@08:48 Did you already check any of Eurovision.tv "Behind the scenes" galleries? Well you should as you will get the impression what's going on at B&W Hallerne besides the rehearsals and press conferences!
@08:39 If you missed our LIVE coverage from yestersday, you can find all the news and the content here.

Eurovision.tv LIVE

@08:30 In the meantime, you can check out our latest edition of Eurovision Headline.
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@08:20 The first delegation already arrived. Elaiza from Germany is going to be first to rehearse today, but the rehearsal for the finalist will start att 10:00 CET.
@08:15 Today, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Italy and Spain will have their first rehearsals at the B&W Hallerne and we need your help! If you have questions for Elaiza, Molly Smitten-Downes, Twin Twin Oh Yeah, BASIM, Emma Marrone or Ruth Lorenzo. You can submit them by using a tag #‎AskEurovision‬. Whose rehearsal are you most looking forward to today? Let us know.
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