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LIVE: Day 5 at the Wiener Stadthalle

15 May 2015 at 16:15 CEST
All the countries that are participating in Semi-Final One have their second rehearsal on stage at the Wiener Stadthalle today. Who has an early start to their day, and who has to wait until early evening?

The first artists to go on the stage at the Wiener Stadthalle at 10:20 CET tomorrow will be Eduard Romanyuta for the second rehearsal of Moldova. The second rehearsal are shorter, just 20 minutes this time.  This is today's full running order of rehearsals.


So, the last artist on stage will be Nina Sublatti who will finish the second rehearsal of the Georgia at around 18:30 CET.


Gallery: Moldova: Second rehearsal

@11.30: Eduard Romanyuta from Moldova was satisfied with his first rehearsal. During the second one, the artist brought his entry to perfection.  Have a look at our photo gallery of the second rehearsal.

Gallery: Armenia: Second rehearsal

@11:50: Genealogy had their second rehearsal today in Vienna. The camera work used many wide angle shots, especially from the top of the stage, showing turning wheels on the stage floor, and a world map in the end of the song where each artist stood on his continent of origin.

@11:45 Today, Loïc Nottet from Belgium returned to the Wiener Stadthalle for his second rehearsal; a preparation for his biggest performance since The Voice Belgique! We were of course right there to follow all the action! 

Gallery: Trijntje (The Netherlands): Second rehearsal

@12:02 Is it us, or does Trijntje Oostehuis look even more stunning today, even though she has a more casual look this time? Maybe it's because she is looking forward to her second rehearsal, or her daring dress everybody was talking about – or both. "Yes, it seems people talk about my dress, but I find it a bit strange", Trijntje from The Netherlands said, hoping the fans and viewers will be more focused on her song.

@12:20: Everything goes very fast in today's round of rehearsals as all 16 countries competing in the first Semi-Final have to get on the stage at the Wiener Stadthalle for the second time.

Even faster for Finland, as their song lasts only 1'25", but that doesn't mean their assigned slot is shorter, only that they have more time in between. Have a look then at one one of our shorter videos of the day!

@12:40 There is a touch of the dramatic in the performance of Maria-Elena Kyriakou from Greece, with some sweeping arm gestures, pointing upwards, especially once she removes the microphone from its stand. Have a look at our video.

Gallery: F.Y.R Macedonia : Second rehearsal

@15:00 There were some slight positive changes during the second rehearsal of F.Y.R. Macedonia. The members of the backing group MERJ wore the black trench coats that suited more to this romantic song. Have a look at our gallery to see their outfits.

Bojana (Serbia): I’m different and it’s okay!

@15:15 It seems like every second is wisely planned for Bojana Stamenov, she hardly has time for anything else outside of the World of Eurovision. »It looks like everyone has fun except me«, Bojana said while signing autographs in her dressing room. »No, just kidding. I enjoy every single moment and I'm already freaking out, what will I do when all of this ends«, she told waiting for her second rehearsal to begin. 

Gallery: Belarus press conference

@16:50 "I like music, chocolate and Maimuna!" exclaimed Uzari at the Belarusian press conference. Have a look at our gallery from the event.


@17:15 On stage, images from outer space are shown, culminating in a view of planet Earth. "The idea matches the song - it's a powerful message, and so the visuals also had to be powerful", Polina Gagarina comments on these scenes.

@18:47 Denmark's first rehearsal was a success! As you can see from the video, lead singer Philip had a new outfit for today's rehearsal!

@19:00 »The Eurovision Song Contest is a huge event and something completely different for us, considering that we usually perform live. It's a bit strange as we like to entertain our fans, even to change the song while performing. This is not possible here, but still it's not about us, it's about the message«, a lead singer, Calin Gavril Goia, explained on his way to the Eurovision stage.

@20:00 The biggest Eurovision challenge for the Georgian representative, Nina Sublatti, was to write the song that she thought would fit the Eurovision stage and still express her creativity, her talent and her style as it is very important for Nina to stay herself. "I had different songs to choose, and the Warrior was the last one. I wrote it like in five hours. Yes, it was a challenge to choose the right song."