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[LIVE] Day 5 at the B&W Hallerne! #JoinUs

Posted 2 May 2014 at 23:33

@22:01 Tomorrow we expect another 16 semifinalists in B&W Hallerne to rehearse. The participants from Malta, Israel, Norway, Georgia, Poland, Austria, Lithuania, Finland, Ireland, Belarus, FYR Macedonia, Switzerland, Greece, Slovenia and Romania are going to rehearse for the second time and to meet up with the press and fans. #JoinUs tomorrow again in our LIVE coverage and our developing story!
@21:42 We are going to end up our developing story from B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen for today with the video round-up about everything that was going on in Eurovision venue today! It's time for another edition of our Eurovision Headlines.
{Video#YT, id: m6BaUKbb49U}
@21:30 And the last event in B&W Hallerne today is the press conference of the Hungarian delegation. Here are some photos. András revealed that he got the reactions from people who went through violence: "People came up to me with tears in their eyes and said thank you!"
@21:19 Together with his dancers András Kállay-Saunders (Hungary) tries to transform his music into a serious and so important topic - domestic violence, and vice versa - his story into a vocally powerful performance.
{Video#YT, id: QRheQFJIS08}
@21:06 The Common Linnets were cheered into the press conference room by the waiting press and fans. "it went very well. After the first rehearsal we had some comments about the graphics and they changed everything. It was everything we could wish for. The production here is wonderful", they've said.
@20:55 András Kállay-Saunders was the last the rehearse, let's check some photos made during his stage performance in B&W Hallerne today.

@20:39 One more great performance in this year's Eurovision venue. The Common Linnets rehearsing their song Calm After The Storm.
{Video#YT, id: BRTZUD0cNZQ}
@20:30 After their second rehearsal the Eurovision representatives from The Netherlands joined the press. Here are some photos.
@20:29 Anyone needs hair products? Our Eurovision artists certainly do before they go on the stage!
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@20:20 After you have checked some of those photos, here is also the video Eurovision.tv made while Sergej from Montenegro was rehearsing. So, enjoy the entry Moj Svijet in full length and tell us what you think.
{Video#YT, id: T7X4G8q8dFQ}
@20:12 In his stage act, Sergej Ćetković first walks to the centre of the stage alone, and towards the end of the song, his four backing vocalists join him from the back. He wears an elegant black suit, fitting the nostalgic atmosphere of his ballad Moj Svijet. Sergej delivered a very confident vocal performance today.

@20:02 "We are ready. Well, we have to be ready. We cannot change a lot as the 6th of May is just around the corner". And also ready to qualify for the Final? "Of course we are ready to go to the Final, and it would be great if Portugal could manage that this year", Suzy said during her press conference.
@19:50 Three minutes for Valentina's Maybe! And her third attempt at Eurovision Song Contest.
{Video#YT, id: VhtXpm241uU}
@19:39 András Kállay-Saunders from Hungary was last to rehearse today.On stage, András is not only accompanied by his two dancers. Together with two backing vocalists, Rozina Czelovszky and Kyra Fedor, the singer delivers a very strong, vocally powerful performance. More details you can find in the following article. Tell us what you think!
@19:25 On the stage The Common Linnets were once again joined by a bassist, cellist and drummer to compliment the pair who stood opposite each other. Check out our photo coverage of their rehearsal.

@19:17 For all the fans out ther who are impatient to see Suzy's performance in B&W Hallerne today, here's a video from the second rehearsal. Have you learned this dancing steps?
{Video#YT, id: K-hYQoROuO4}
@19:05 Among the contestants in the First Semi Final is also Sergej from Montenegro. We were in the dressing room right before the rehearsal to say hello!
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@18:56 Among all the questions for Valentina from San Marino was also the one about her plans for the next year. Will she take part in Eurovision again? "I think I will be writing a song for another artist", she replied.
@18:46 After a successful first rehearsal, The Common Linnets were back for their second one this evening. Backstage, they appeared to be on a high, saying, "we are so happy with the support we have received from Denmark".
@18:33 Here are some photos made by our photographers during the second rehearsal of Quero Ser Tua.

@18:25 Next to rehearse is Suzy from Portugal and we are preparing a full coverage. More details you can find in the following article.
@18:19 During the performance Valentina from San Marino is standing in the centre of the Eurovision stage on a glittery gold platform. But before the camera is being focused on her, a piano appears as well as hands of an unknown pianist, playing the first few notes.

@18:14 After the second rehearsal Mariya from Ukraine also had her press conference. She explained what will be happeni: on the stage during her performance: "There will be a wheel and a boy." The singer wants to create atmosphere of love, because love is "sense of life".
@18:05 On stage, Cristina (Moldova) performed in a vertically split dress, one part blue, one part in a golden warrior-like style. Her long curly hair appeared to be partly a wig - she tore it off in the middle of the song, at the same moment when the wind machines also started. Here you can watch her perfromance!
{Video#YT, id: 1W7cxbSO8-c}
@17:54 Valentina Monetta from San Marino is taking part in Eurovision Song Contest for the third time. Even that she looks relaxed, she said that it's quite different for her every single time. More in the following article.
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@17:45 The Tolmachevy Sisters won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006 - did their lives change afterwards? "Of course our life has changed - people were asking us for photos and autographs suddenly when we were just walking on the streets! And we even released an album, called Polovinki (Parts)."

@17:36 Pollanpönk from Iceland came to say hello to us just a few moments ago!
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@17:33 Axel Hirsoux is the only singer on the stage during the performance, as his song is an emotional plea to his Mother, and builds up steadily throughout the performance. Here's a video in full length!
{Video#YT, id: DV1hdkqGINU}
@17:25 There was a lot of journalists attending the press conference hold by Dilara and the delegation form Azerbaijan. Check out our image gallery.
@17:18 More details about the performance and rehearsal of this year's contestant from Belgium you can find in the following article. Let us know what do you think!
@17:09 For Axel Hirsoux taking part in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest is a dream come true. His performance on the Eurovision stage is full of emotions from the very first second!
@17:03 But you surely can't wait to see Mariya's (Ukraine) performance today. As for stage outfit Mariya is still struggling with the hardest choice in every girl’s life: “Which dress will be the best suited one?” So let’s wait till the show to see what Mariya chose. In the meantime, her song as video in a full length.
{Video#YT, id: a38Q2H06REg}
@16:55 The Eurovision stage is taken over by Cristina Scarlat from Moldova in the meantime! More details in the following article.
@16:47 Mariya Yaremchuk’s entry is very well thought through: from camera angles to the lights and dresses. The singer entered the stage in a beautiful shining black long dress with a deep slit up the side.

@16:33 Acrobatic is not a word one would usually associate with powerful ballads like Start A Fire, but with a talented trapeze artist on stage, Dilara's performance is indeed this, albeit in a more abstract way.
{Video#YT, id: ImX9glaxj9s}
@16:25 "The first rehearsal was good, the second was amazing", Hersi commented on in her press conference today. "Everything is perfect, the crew are doing a perfect job. I'm just enjoying. The only thing we changed since last time was our dresses."
@16:17 At the moment Axel Hirsoux from Belgium is on the stage rehearsing his song Mother.
@16:09 The first noticeable thing about today's performance was Dilara's dress; a dark red number with many intricate features sewn into it. Chec it out in our image gallery.

@16:01 In today's rehearsal, the Tolmachevy Twins started the stage act standing on the balanced seesaw with their hair interwoven - later they move away from each other, and the link breaks.
{Video#YT, id: YDe57SPF4hk}
@15:54 Alex from Belgium warming up for his second rehearsal!
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@15:42 You are gonna love this! If you were wondering what's going on in B&W Hallerne, but not on the Eurovision stage only, here you can get see (un)usual moments caught by our photographers! Enjoy and tell us what you think.

@15:31 Next to rehearse is Dilara Kazimova from Azerbaijan.
@15:22 What do you think about this year's Eurovision entry from Albania? Check the Hersi's LIVE perfromance during her second rehearsal and let us know what you think!
{Video#YT, id: houi1KqlW8M}
@15:15 What do you think about the outfits that The Tolmachevy Sisters are going to wear in the First Semi Final?

@15:09 Don't forget that you can also support your favourite Eurovision artists by using some of the Social media covers and banners!
@15:01 Sietse Bakker (Event Supervisor) visited us in our #Instagram studio today, sporting the official #JoinUs wool hat! You should get some Eurovision souvenirs too!
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@14:53 While we are waiting the press conference of Icelandic delegation to begin, which you can also follow LIVE on Eurovision.tv, let's check some Hersi's (Albania) nice photo made while she was on the stage.
@14:44 There is a great message behind the rhythmic and energetic entry of the Icelandic quartet Pollapönk. Check out the lyrics of their song, but also the LIVE performance during the second rehearsal! What do you think?
{Video#YT, id: No7oGpeNWBY }
@14:38 Were you at press conference of Estonian representative? On arriving at the press conference, Tanja said that the producers had done "a perfect job" in respect of changes that her and her delegation had suggested. Tanja was asked about her figure and diet and she answered, "I'm a girl with curves. I love to eat a lot and I don't have time to go to the gym".
@14:31 The Tolmachevy Sisters are, for the first time, wearing their stage costumes during the rehearsal - you can already get a glimpse of them, they showed them to our cameras backstage!
@14:22 It was a pure pleasure listening to Sanna sing on the stage in B&W Hallerne. Check it out yourself!
{Video#YT, id: 9nl0I7uF3LU}
@14:20 At the press conference, Joran (Aarzemnieki) admitted that they are still getting used to working with so many cameras, and that the process takes time.
@14:17 There will be a lot of got photos coming up from the Eurovision venue today! Here's how Sanna's performance looked like during her second rehearsal. Any comments?

@14:13 Hersi from Albania is on the stage rehearsing at the moment. But few minutes ago she came by to say hallo!
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@14:06 Remember that you can submit your questions to all the artists of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest by using the tag #AskEurovision.
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@14:01 During his press conference, Aram MP3 was asked about changes made since the first rehearsal. "We changed the microphone to a standing one, as it looks better", he stated. "We will still have more changes of the lighting but we are feeling it's getting better and better."
@13:58 One more important announcement: Starting today you can also check out the stage performances from the second rehearsals in full legth. Our cameras will be recording everything that is going on the Eurovision stage. So, let's watch Tanja's video. Tell us what do you think!
{Video#YT, id: A34UdR3KTCs}
@13:44 You know that you can follow LIVE stream of press conferences on Eurovision.tv? After they finish their rehearsal, all artists are joining the press and fans in the Press conference area. The LIVE broadcast you can find in our Web TV section.
@13:36 "We want to try out another outfits in today’s rehearsal”, explained Heidar, one of the lead singers. They were hanging out backstage in the bath ropes. Find out more in the following article about Pollapönk as they are next to rehearse today.

@13:29 It's time to check the video we made during the stage performance of Latvian representatives at 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.
{Video#YT, id: poVNpRCEhn0}
@13:22 Sanna from Sweden also came and said hello to us in Eurovision.tv office!
{Embed#Instagram, url:http://instagram.com/p/nfb7kzDWzR/}
@13:15 Lovely Tanja from Estonia came to the Eurovision.tv to pose for some pictures and when asked "have you changed anything?", she said, "only some minor adjustments to the cameras. There are just so many of them!".

@12:50 It looks like Aarzemnieki are changing some ingredients. Find out more details here.
@12:44 Last year, there has been a lot of interest for attempts to unfairly influence the voting. Televoting already very tight, last year’s attempts have not been effective. With the Jury and split results the EBU checked all the results. Check out the full coverage of todays's joint press conference of EBU and DR.
@12:40 And our first video for today is up! Here you can see the complete performance of Armenian represetative at 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Aram MP3 performing Not Alone. So, what do you think?
{Video#YT, id: lJdLXctdkxQ}
@12:36 Tanja from Estonia is also getting ready for her second rehearsal in B&W Hallerne.
{Embed#Instagram, url:http://instagram.com/p/nfYZQTDW_u/}
@12:24 Next to rehearse is Latvia. Aarzemnieki seem to be quite relaxed and causal. Many consider being second in the running order on stage, as one of the more unlucky positions to perform in the contest, but not this year's representatives from Latvia. Check the photo gallery: Latvia - Second rehearsal

@12:21 Here's a game we are playing since yesterday :) Can you spot the Eurovision trophy?
{Twitter#Embed, href: https://twitter.com/Eurovision/status/461950415240957952}
@12:15 You are probably wondering how Aram's second rehearsal went out. Well, here's a photo coverage about his stage performance today.

@12:10 Only four days to go until the first Semi-Final! Graham Norton (BBC) is obviously excited too.
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@11:59 Second rehearsal are about to start. First on stage is Aram from Armenia. We met him in the backstage and he was already wearing his stage clothes - a dark grey coat with an diamond-shaped brooch in the colours of the Armenian flag, black gloves and black boots. Find out more details.
{Video#YT, id: TXFQnzclzzA}
@11:50 If you are already in Copenhagen, what did you manage to see till now? Or what have you planned to visit? Here are some suggestions.
@11:40 More details about the EBU/DR joint press conference to come. Stay tuned.
@11:29 EBU reminds that this year you can see the full list with the names of all jury members in all participating countries - for the very first time!
@11:15 DR revealed some of the content for this year's Eurovision shows! An opening act in form of online choir and some of the Eurovision postcards we all enjoy watching from year to year! Here's one snapshot.

@11:00 The joint presse conference of EBU and DR has just started. Pernille Gaardbo, Executive Producer DR and Jan Lagermand Lundme, Show Producer DR are sharing some interesting details about 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Check it out!

@10:25 Before the rehearsals start, at 11:00 CET there will be a joint press conference in B&W Hallerne hold by EBU and DR. You can follow it LIVE in our Web TV section. Eurovision.tv will be covering it too, stay tuned!
@10:11 If you missed our coverage from yesterday, check it out, there's a lot of content you will surely enjoy to see.

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@10:05 In the meantime, did you check our Eurovision Headlines yet?
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@09:55 Another busy day in B&W Hallerne is ahead of us! We expect 16 delegations today to JoinUs in arena as the First Semi Final (for 6th of May) needs to be rehearsed! Contestants from Armenia, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Iceland, Albania, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belgium, Moldova, San Marino, Portugal, The Netherlands, Montenegro, and Hungary are going to attend their second rehearsals in the Eurovision venue.
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