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[LIVE] Day 4 at the B&W Hallerne! #JoinUs

01 May 2014 at 12:49 CEST

@20:30 is saying goodbye till tomorrow with few more special messages from this year's Eurovision contestants! #JionUs tomorrow again.

@20:05 We expect 16 delegations in B&W Hallerne tomorrow as the First Semi Final (6th of May) needs to be rehearsed! Contestants from Armenia, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Iceland, Albania, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belgium, Moldova, San Marino, Portugal, The Netherlands, Montenegro, and Hungary are attending their second rehearsals in the Eurovision venue.

You can also #JoinUs We will be covering everything that is going on in arena in one of our developing stories!

@19:11 Here's one more interesting image gallery to share. Check out what have our photographers documented besides the regular Eurovision events. There's a lot going on in and outside the B&W Hallerne.

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@18:01 Where would Eurovision be without dedicated volunteers? It is a pure pleasure working with highly motivated people.

@17:50 You should check this one out. A video story we called when Mariya from Ukraine meets Basim (Denmark) and The Shin and Mariko (Georgia). Tell us what you think!

@17:33 We have more interesting news to share. Have you heard about Light Art Project? The main idea is to create some special light effects on different buildings at Copenhagen Harbour during the Eurovision. You can find more details about it in the following article.

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@17:15 Here's another recap we recommend you to watch. But this time you will see the previews from the rehearsals of the participants in the Second Semi-final. Another 16 performances in 8 minutes! Tell us what you think.

@16:59 This is something you should definitely check out - a completely new feature! Which of this year's 37 participants is your perfect match? Is it a male solo singer? A female one? Maybe a band? Answer to the questions in the matchmaker and you'll know.

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@16:40 In case you were wondering and already in Copenhagen, tonight in Euroclub: Sebalter (Switzerland) and Suzy (Portugal), 

@16:23 Don't forget that you can also follow us on Russian based Social media platform Odnoklassniki or on VK group

@16:07 The tirst 16 semifinalists rehearsing in B&W Hallerne, in a video recap, in 8 minutes! Check it out.

@15:50 There are at least 180 millions of TV viewers across Europe (and around the Globe), who will be tuning in 2014 Eurovision Song Contest shows next week. Besides that, some of the Eurovision entries turn into the huge hits on other continents too. Colé van dais from South Africa performed at Euroclub last night some covers in Afrikaans!

@15:39 Did you see this year's Minipop Eurovision Icons? They are quite entertaining - as always.

@15:11 A special message from Kasey Smith & Can-Linn (Ireland) for all the fans out there! More video message to come, stay tuned.

@14:45 Keep in mind that you can also be informed about Eurovision events and all the content true official Eurovision app. So, if you still don't have it: Start downloading now

@14:29 Here are more videos that you should check - if you missed our LIVE coverage from yesterday. Another sneak peek from the first rehearsals - Day 3.

@14:15 TA-DA! The Eurovision trophy finally arrived in our office. What an excitement! We had an honour to open the box :)

@13:58 Euro Euphoria is the first film about Eurovision fans! The brand new feature documentary Euro Euphoria will take you out of your everyday routine and fly you right into the amazing atmosphere of Eurovision Song Contest! 

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@13:44 This is going to be overcrowded in a few days! (B&W Hallerne).

@13:30 All the short video previews of the rehearsals in B&W Hallerne on the second day (29th April), you can watch here. Any thoughts?

@13:22 If you are wondering what the hosts of this year's Eurovision Song Contest are going to wear, here's an answer!

What are the presenters going to wear?

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@13:17 The Eurovision Song Contest is naturally about the music and we ceratinly enjoy listening to it. Here's something you can't see and hear everyday. Tinkara Kovač from Slovenia (unplugged). What do you think?

@13:01 In some minutes this year's Eurovision trophy is going to be presented in B&W Hallerne. More infors to come, stay tuned.

@12:52 First rehearsals are closed for the press and fans. Still, was there to check what's the atmosphere in arena like and provide you with the short video previews of all stage performances. If you still didn't watch them, here's a good opportunity! Day 1.

@12:39 There are no rehearsals scheduled for today, but some artists need to finish their recording for Emmelie's #Join Us song.

@12:20 Did you check any of this year's special video messages from the Eurovision contestants? We have recorded a few more, but you can find them all in our Youtube #AskEurovision playlist. 

@12:05 Here's one very important announcement for today!


The European Broadcasting Union and the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group have decided to reveal the names of the national jurors who will be voting in the Grand Final and one respective Semi-Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in advance to create more openness. You can find more details in the following article.

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Who hasn't heard about the famous douze points? The voting procedure of the Eurovision Song Contest is legendary. This page gives you both the basics as well as a detailed explanation of how the voting procedure works.

@11:40 And what about some unplugged music? Softengine from Finland sound really good when they play acustic!

@11:29 We can't stop listening to this year's Eurovision entries. What about you? Any favourites?

@11:12 The Opening ceremony of 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen is also coming on!

@11:01 Are you satisfied with the answers on some of your questions submited for the Eurovision artists? We got few more answers to share with you, check them out!

@10:48 Another picture of the Eurovision stage? Why not! It's cool right? 

@10:35 The youngest artists in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, at just 17 years old, come from Russia - it's the Tolmachevy Sisters! They have very sophisticated props on stage during the performance, which means that Masha and Nastya needs to train a lot. However, the Russian twins took some time to meet up with reporter!

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@10:27 But first let's go through all the events we all enjoyed in B&W Hallerne yesterday. Check out last night's edition of our Eurovision Headlines.

@10:15 Good morning, Europe! Even though there won't be any rehearsals in arena today, there will be some important news to share, so stay tuned!