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[LIVE] Day 3 at the B&W Hallerne! #JoinUs

Posted 30 April 2014 at 9:45

@20:29 That's all for today! This was our LIVE coverage from B&W Hallerne about all the events on third day in this year's Eurovision venue. If you missed some content, you will find absolutely everything in this developing story: all the videos, photo galleries, articles and some interesting Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts. Nevertheless, if you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions, you are welcome to share them with us bellow!
@20:00 Are you satisfied with the answers on some of your questions submited for the Eurovision artists? We got few more answers to share with you, check them out!
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@19:21 As always we are reminding you about the Euroclub in Copenhagen. You can check what's on the program for tonight here.
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@18:52 Did you check any of this year's special video messages from the Eurovision contestants? We have recorded a few more today, but you can find them all in our Youtube playlist. Let's start with Conchita (Austria) singing Cher. What do you think?
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@18:31 For all the Eurovision participants, tomorrow (1st May) is a day off, because it is an International Labour Day after all. But there will some events that we will be reporting about so #JoinUs tomorrow again.
@18:15 Our live coverage is not over yet. Still, let's go through all the today's events in B&W Hallerne once again by checking out Eurovision Headlines.
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@17:59 When you are moving around the Eurovision stage, you need to be aware of spidercams! Even though, all the cameras and lights are going to be switched off soon - until tomorrow!
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@17:40 And here's the short video preview from the last rehearsal for today. Paula & Ovi were in the good mood and totally prepared for another Eurovision challenge. Nevertheless, the most striking feature of the Romanian on stage presentation, is the unique circular keyboard that Ovi uses during the performance.
{Video#YT, id: yFkvNLnu1TE}
@17:27 If you are using Spotify, you can also enjoy listening all the Eurovision entries for this year.

@17:18 Here's one more interesting details from arena and Green room to share. This green string is being used in the to line up exactly where to put the lamps for the live show.
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@17:09 But you are probably wondering what's going on the stage at the moment. Tinkara is performing her entry for the last time today. Here you can see how it looks and sounds. Tell us what you think!
{Video#YT, id: cZmzuCAHXak}
@16:53 The last to rehearse today are Paula and Ovi from Romania. They are already familiar with the Eurovision routine as they took part at 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. We are hanging out with them in the backstage at the moment. We will share more details soon, stay tuned.

@16:45 Who are you supporting this year? Let us know and download some of the covers for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ you can find in our download section!
@16:36 Arond this year's Eurovision venue you can notice quite interesting things. It looks like £urovision submarine?
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@16:28 Tinkara Kovač from Slovenia will wear her stage costume in today’s rehearsal. The singer showed it to us - a long beautiful ritzy dress in blue with some glittering shades. More details in the following article.
@16:19 It's time for the second part of our backstage video coverage for today. Check out what was going on behind the scene this afternoon.
{Video#YT, id: pyXCAWMsDkE}
@16:08 Don't forget to get on time some of this year's Eurovision souvenirs. Visit: shop.eurovision.tv
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@15:59 There's a huge interest for the Meet & Greet. Keep in mind that if you are not in Copenhagen, you can still follow the LIVE stream in our Web TV section.

@15:53 Nikolas Raptakis, one half of the duo that makes up greek Freaky Fortune, celebrates his birthday today, and of course no birthday is complete without a cake and birthday song!
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@15:47 Did you already submit some question for this year's Eurovision contestants?
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@15:36 Let's check the live performance of Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd. You are going to enjoy watching some moves or better said jumps on the stage!
{Video#YT, id: j4Gex_-AwWI}
@15:22 Slovenia is getting for its first rehearsal on the Eurovision stage too. We are really looking forward to see the live performance of Round And Round. We will have more content soon.

@15:10 While being behind the stage, you can also experience some crazy moments. It looks like some stage props are being used for "charging the batteries". Not really that's how the guys from Ukraine are getting prepared these days in Copenhagen.
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@15:04 The rehearsals in B&W Hallerne are in the full swing. There are three more countries left for today. Next one is Greece and their representatives this year Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd. We spent some time them in the backstage, check it out!
@14:56 Sebalter will represent Switzerland this year with his cheerful song Hunter Of Stars. He seems to be full of positive energy, check it out youself.
{Video#YT, id: fxHFYhhsqZU}
@14:44 Sebalter is just being himself while on stage: "That's my personality. I move a lot, even when I'm just talking like in this very moment. And that's exactly how I am on stage too." Here are some photos from Swiss dressing room!

@14:32 The next country we are being focus on is Switzerland. "I feel very very good, with a lot of positive energy", Swiss representative Sebalter told us before rehearsing the first time in Copenhagen.
@14:20 It's time to check out how Tijana's first rehearsal in B&W Hallerne went out. Here's a short preview. What do you think?
{Video#YT, id: EjQKGPkdw9g}
@14:04 This is where the JoinUs song from Emmelie de Forest is being recorded.
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@13:56 Did you already download the ‪#‎JoinUs‬ ringtone for your phone!
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@13:44 After her arrival backstage at the B&W Hallerna in Copenhagen, Tijana from FYR Macedonia started to prepare herself for today's first rehearsal. "I'm looking forward to the experience, can't wait to go on stage," she told us.
@13:31 What's going on the Eurovision stage while Teo is performing, you can find out here.
{Video#YT, id: ezs4K3Gjcbw}
@13:17 Teo from Belarus didn’t actually bring any cheesecakes with him. Should be surprised? “The song is actually not about the cake. You know, there a lot of nicknames for boyfriends in our language like sweetie or sugar. I didn’t like it and just wanted to be Teo", the singer explained. Find out more.

@13:01 Kasey Smith and Can-Linn were all wearing their stage outfits by the time that we caught up with the artists backstage. Check out their performance.
{Video#YT, id: UhqX_unl7_s}
@12:34 But next to rehearse are Can-Linn and Kasey Smith from Ireland.
@12:21 Tijana from FYR Macedonia is getting ready for her first rehearsal. She goes almost nowhere without her glasses. Would you like to try these?
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@12:09 Don't forget about the Meet & Greet. We will have LIVE stream in our Web TV section. The broadcast should starts at 12:10 CET

@11:50 After the short break, three more countries are going to have their first rehearsals in B&W Hallerne: Ireland, Belarus, FYR Macedonia.
@11:39 While we are waiting another three contestant to rehearse, let's check out what's going on behind the scenes.
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@11:25 Important announcement: If you're a Eurovision Song Contest fan living in either the UK or Norway, join VisitDenmark at live competition happenings in London and Oslo for the chance to win tickets (and trip) to Eurovision's Grand Final. You can find more detail here.
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@11:16 Something Better sounds like a thunder in the hall. Check it out and tell us what you think.
{Video#YT, id: AotPxDeA93k}
@11:09 Softengine from Finland are not unused to singing on big stage, afterall they did win the Finnish National Selection, UMK at a large venue in Espoo back in February. We met them in the backstage.
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@11:01 On stage, Vilija was accompanied by one male dancer. With their energetic movements, they conveyed the message of the song - A little bit Attention for the woman and her rights!
{Video#YT, id: vmFef10FlNw}
After the first run, Vilija from Lithuania showed her costume for the Second Semi-Final: a black tutu and a turquoise top. The stage floor was also lighted in turquoise.
@10:57 One snapshot from our Instragram profil: This is how the stage looks like from the Green room!
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@10:46 Reminding you on our #AskEurovision serie as well. If you have any question for this year's Eurovision contestants, don't hesitate to ask!
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At the same time, check some of the answers we got from the answers till now
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@10:41 One more thing. Don't forget about the Meet & Greet. We will have LIVE stream in our Web TV section. The broadcast should starts at 12:10 CET
@10:33 Backstage photos from Lithuanian dressing room are also on. You can check them out here.
@10:24 Let's see who is next. Attention everybody, Vilija from Lithuania is about to rock the Eurovision stage. "My song tells the story that real men don’t buy women", she said to Eurovision.tv in the backstage. But that's not all - read more.
@10:20 Conchita was wearing a long black dress for today's rehearsal but her dress for the live show is still kept secret (just that you know).
@10:17 We are sure you can hardly wait to see and hear how the first rehearsal of Austrian contestant went out. Well, here it is. Let us know what you think.
{Video#YT, id: 71z3s9bXA8U}
@10:04 Check out some of the photos from the backstage. Conchita looks lovely as always!
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@09:58 First to rehearse today is Austria. Eurovision.tv had a nice chat with Conchita in the backstage. "I have been preparing intensively for these two weeks in Copenhagen. Two people are taking care of my looks here", she explained.
@09:45 Did you see our round-up of yesterday's events at the B&W Hallerna in Copenhagen? Check out our Eurovision Headlines!
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@09:37 If you missed our Live coverage and all the rehearsals from yesterday, you can find all the articles, video, image galleries and Social media posts here.
@09:30 Good morning, Europe! Delegations from from Austria, Lithuania, Finland, Ireland, Belarus, FYR Macedonia, Switzerland, Greece, Slovenia and Romania are on the way to B&W Hallerne. Constants from 10 countries are going to rehearse today and to meet the Press.
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