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[LIVE] Day 2 at the B&W Hallerne! #JoinUs

Posted 29 April 2014 at 9:50

@21:00 We are gong to end up our live coverage for today with Eurovision Headlines, our round-up about all the events in B&W Hallerne. #JoinUs tomorrow at 10:00 CET!
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@20:35 If you missed the Meet & Greet today, here are some moments caught by our cameras.
@20:17 Did you see any of our video snacks? Those are special messages from this year's contestants to all the Eurovision fans across Europe and beyond! What they were saying, singing or doing is not really what would you usually expect/
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@19:59 We would like to share one more image gallery in this developing story, Eurovision.tv made behind the scenes today. Take a closer look at some spots in arena, where the Eurovision magic begins.
@19:36 Our coverage from this year's Eurovision venue for today is not over yet. Here are some answers on questions, you have been sending us using #AskEurovision tag. Hopefully you will be satisfied how some of the artists replied to them. Check it out!
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@19:00 Keep in mind that you can also be informed about Eurovision events and all the content true official Eurovision app. So, if you still don't have it: Start downloading now.

@18:51 Don't forget about the parties in the Euroclub. Tonight is the Twinkly Tuesday! But before that you could learn Suzy's shake. Here's a short video instruction!
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@18:32 All rehearsals planned for today are over, but another hard working day at B&W Hallerne is ahead of us. Tomorrow, ten more countries are going to join us here, in order to prepare their performances for 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark.
On Wednesady, 30th of April, we will welcome the contestants from Austria, Lithuania, Finland, Ireland, Belarus, FYR Macedonia, Switzerland, Greece, Slovenia and Romania.
@18:17 That was something completely different. Beautiful slavic girls perfoming the traditional cloths. "Slavic girls for me are beautiful women", Cleo commented before getting on the Eurovision stage.
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@18:05 Before we check out what's going on the stage while girls from Poland rehearse, here is the interview that Mei from Israel gave to Eurovision.tv!
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@17:52 The official #JoinUs sweet! It tastes good.
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@17:40 The last to rehearse today Donatan & Cleo from a country that returned to Eurovision Song Contest this year - Poland.
@17:29 On stage the Georgian musicians were not just singing, they were indeed playing their instruments too, as everyone in the arena could notice. However, the TV public will only get to hear them in a recorded version from the backing track.
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@17:16 While checking today's rehearsals, we are also sporting the latest in must-have Eurovision fashion accessories. You should try it as well!
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@17:09 Before their first rehearsal, Mariko Ebralidze and the musicians of The Shin were relaxing backstage. Zaza Miminoshvili, one of the band members, explained about the concept of the band and the Eurovision Song Contest. Check out what they have told us.
@16:59 We certainly don't want to keep you waiting too long in order to check Carl's (Norway) first rehearsal. Here's a short preview.
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@16:41 Who are you supporting this year? Let us know and download some of the covers for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ you can find in our download section!

@16:33 In case you want to feel the atmosphere in the backstage, here is a gallery we recommend.
@16:22 Some minutes before his first rehearsal, we talked with this year's representative from Norway. check out what Carl said in an interview for Eurovision.tv!
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@16:13 If you would like to get a Eurovision hoodie, bag, hat, beanie... check out our Eurovision shop and get some the souvenirs on time.
@16:07 Next to rehearse is Carl Espen from Norway. We have an article with the coverage "behind the scenes".
@15:58 Don't forget about the possibilty to ask this year's Eurovision contestants some questions.
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@15:47 At the moment, Mei (Israel) is "rocking" the Eurovision stage. Everybody seem to be in the mood for dancing in B&W Hallerne.
{Video#YT, id: cULVsh099hE}
Backstage, Mei was in a fabulous mood: she was so excited about getting onto the Eurovision Song Contest stage and performing Same Heart there. (Read more)
@15:33 Here's more video video footage from Behind the scenes. Find out how "Suzy's dance" was recorded. Check out our backstage story - Part II.
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@15:24 Few more shots from the first rehearsal of the folk pop band from Malta.
@15:17 Mei Finegold from Israel in backstage preparing for her first rehearsal. More photos to come!
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@15:08 Another of our videos is on! Firelight seem to selfconfident delivering amazing performance during their first rehearsal
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@14:59 Let's check out what was going on in the backstage of Maltese delegation.
@14:47 Eurovision posters you can see almost everywhere in Copenhagen these days!
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@14:35 They come from a small island, where everyone seems to know everybody, and that is certainly true for the group Fireligh. Find out more: Firelight hoping to blaze a trail
@14:20 András started his energetic and vocally strong rehearsal seated on a chair, with a female piano player next to him. For the chorus, he then sprinted to the very end of the stage and back, fitting the song lyrics of Running.
{Video#YT, id: BZ_LZ4sV8Q8}
@14:04 It's András Kállay-Saunders (Hungary) turn to perform on stage.
@13:57 “I am totally relaxed. Of course that there is a lot of excitement but I’m going to enjoy I’m sure”, Sergej told whle waiting for his turn to rehearse.
@13:42 We really enjoyed listening another strong ballad among all the Eurovision entries for this year. Let's see how Sergej's first rehearsal went out. Here's a short preview.
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@13:31 If you ever wondered where the smoke on stage came from, this is it...
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@13:22 Montenegro is next. Sergej looks completely relaxed. Check out the atmosphere in the backstage.
@13:14 You are probably wondering what was going on the stage while The Common Linnets were rehearsing. Well, here's a short video preview. Enjoy and let us know what you think!
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@13:01 András Kállay-Saunders from Hungary is also rehearse his performance on the Eurovision stage for the first time. "I'm very excited, and I am a little tired as I only slept a few hours last night because I was just thinking about this moment", András told us - read more.
@12:49 Another sneak peek from the backstage for all the Eurovision fans out there!
{Video#YT, id: rnjBRWn4TGo}
@12:34 Once again we are reminding you about the Meet & Greet, where the artists meet the Press. You can watchi it live in our Web TV section! Next to answer some of your qestion is Valentina from San Marino.
@12:19 The Common Linnets on stage having a little jam before their actual rehearsal.
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That's just one of the photos we made while the Dutch delegation was checking out the stage. Here's also an image gallery from the backtstage and first rehearsal.
@12:11 The Common Linnets, made up of Waylon and Ilse DeLange, were in high spirits when they arrived at the B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen this afternoon. Find out more.
@12:03 Don't forget that you can also follow us on Russian based Social media platform Odnoklassniki or on VK group.

@11:55 "I want people to start dancing, and I am sure they will understand the happiness of my song even if they don't understand the lyrics", Suzi told us before getting on the stage.
{Video#YT, id: NCecwpztJIE}
@11:50 Suzi seems to be happy and without any stress! Check our image gallery from her first rehearsal.
@11:44 If you were wondering what is #AskEurovision all about, you should definitely check it out.
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@11:39 Apart from appearing on the Eurovision stage, Valentina is also more than used to the routine backstage at the contest, but also on the stage. Read more.
@11:31 This looks quite amazing! A timelipse video showing the construction of the gigantic stage at the B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen. Great job DR!
{Video#YT, id: zOK5vfTogCU}
@11:24 Don't forget about the Meet & Greet. We will have LIVE stream in our Web TV section. The broadcast should starts at 12:10 CET
@11:19 A lot of props is being kept in the backstage of B&W Hallerne.
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@11:11 Suzy also revealed a little bit about her dress for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest: "It's gonna be sexy, and it's not black" - exactly what her cheerful summery song needs!
@11:04 Before Suzy from Portugal gets on the stage, let's check the sneak peek from Valentina's (San Marino) performance!
{Video#YT, id: ohwDGUDW2kk}
@10:56 "I'm not anxious, I'm not stressed - I'm extremely calm", Suzy told us right before her first rehearsal.
@10:40 Looking forward to see Valentina Monetta again! She is rehearsing her third Eurovision song Maybe on stage at the moment.
@10:34 In the beginning, the dark and deep forest was shown on the LEDs - the wild and strong part of the song. And then the beautiful red flower appeared on the LEDs. Let's check how Cristina's rehearsal went - in photos!
@10:30 Another sunny but also busy morning at the B&W Hallerne!
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@10:22 Cristina from Moldova was accompanied by four male dancers in black costumes with long top in order to look like the warriors while being on stage. Here's the short video preview.
{Video#YT, id: edeZROYyGKw}
@10:17 Don't forget that this year you can also send some questions for any of contestants!
{Fb#Embed, href:https://www.facebook.com/EurovisionSongContest/posts/10152381296433007}
@10:10 First to rehearse today is Moldova. Eurovision.tv had a nice chat with Cristina backstage. "I am very excited about the stage", she said right before going to the stage. Find out more.
@10:04 Did you see our round-up of yesterday's events at the B&W Hallerna in Copenhagen? Check out our Eurovision Headlines!
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@09:59 If you missed our Live coverage and all the rehearsals from yesterday, you can find all the articles, video, image galleries and Social media posts here.
@09:55 Good morning, Europe! Delegations from from Moldova, San Marino, Portugal, The Netherlands, Montenegro, Hungary, Malta, Israel, Norway, Georgia and Poland are on the way to B&W Hallerne. Constants from 11 countries are going to rehearse today and to meet the Press.
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