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[LIVE] Conchita from Austria wins the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest

11 May 2014 at 04:35 CEST

@02:45 If you missed the show, you can still watch it in our Web TV section! But not only the Grand Final, First and Second Semi-FInal are already there.


@02:33 Right after performing her song once again, was first to get Conchita's reactions. It's quite emotional, so check it out!

@02:15 "This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in the future of peace and freedom", Conchita explained right after winning the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. We couldn't agree more. The only thing we can add to that is: Conchita you are also our Queen on Twitter tonight!. Congrats.

@01:59 There's still more content to come, so stay tuned! Here's a short clip we call "a video snack" with the winner of this year's Eurovision Song Contest recorded in the Green room. 

@01:48 During the press conference, Conchita explained that she still didn't manage to share emotions with her parents and friends, but her phone keeps ringing. Let's check did she alreday share any thoughts abd impressions on some of the Social media platforms.

@01:40 We would also like to congratulate all the participants on a great show and amazing performances. Let's see what they have to say about the outcome of tonight's show.

@01:32 Jon Ola Sand, the executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest also joined Conchita's press conference, saying following words: "Tonight we had an amazing show. Actually, there were three fantastic shows. But I'm here to say thank you for a great performance, to you and your whole team."

"At the same time, I'm here to give an invitation to ORF (Austrian national broadcaster) to Geneva and to say that EBU will be there for the support, while preparing even better Eurovision Song Contest next year, if possible. We are proud to have you on board", Sand said.

@01:21 Have you already downloaded the winning song? You can also listen Conchita's Rise Like A Phoenix online.

@01:14 Even though we are focused on this year's winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, we would also like to share more impressions and emotions from tonight's show, thanks to our video guys who were in the Green room during the show.

@01:05 "For those who didn't notice, I was crying out there. And in some moment I've asked my manager Rene, did I win? He said to me yes you did", Conchita shared her first impressions after realising that she won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. (We will have the full coverage online as soon as the Press conference ends.)

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@00:50 However, you can also check the regular scoreboard with all the results as well. 


@00:45 And we already have votes online! To increase openness, the organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest decided that from 2014 onwards, the detailed split jury and televoting results would be revealed per country. Choose a show and a country to explore the detailed voting results. Check it out!


@00:35 Conchita will join the press soon, holding her first press conference after winning tonight's Grand Final!


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@00:25 It's already clear! We have the winner of 2014 Eurovision Song Contest and it's CONCHITA congratulations!

@00:19 There are only three countries to vote, Austria is still leading with 243 points.

@00:05 At the moment Conchita from Austria is in a lead with 123 points, but there's still 16 countries to share their votes! Any thoughts?

@23:50 Are you following the votiing? Surprised with the points coming from first 12 countries?

@23:40 It's time for voting. The order is as follows: (Spokespersons in brackets)

  1. Azerbaijan: (Sabina Babayeva)
  2. Greece: (Andrianna Maggania)
  3. Poland : (Pauliana Chylewska)
  4. Albania: (Andri Xhahu)
  5. San Marino: ( Michele Perniola)
  6. Denmark: (Sofie Lassen-Kahlke)
  7. Montenegro: (Tijana Miskovic)
  8. Romania: (Sonia Argint Ionescu)
  9. Russia: (Alsou)
  10. Netherlands: (Tim Douwsma)
  11. Malta: (Valentina Rossi)
  12. France: (Elodie Suigo)
  13. United Kingdom (Scott Mills)
  14. Latvia: (Ralfs Eilands)
  15. Armenia: (Anna Avanesyan)
  16. Iceland: (Benedikt Valsson)
  17. F.Y.R. Macedonia (Marko Mark)
  18. Sweden: (Alcazar)
  19. Belarus: (Alyona Lanskaya)
  20. Germany: (Helene Fischer)
  21. Israel: (Ofer Nachshon)
  22. Portugal: (Joana Teles)
  23. Norway: (Margrethe Røed)
  24. Estonia: (Lauri Pihlap)
  25. Hungary: (Éva Novodomszky)
  26. Moldova: (Olivia Furtuna)
  27. Ireland: (Nicky Byrne)
  28. Finland: (Redrama)
  29. Lithuania: (Ignas Krupavičius)
  30. Austria: (Kati Bellowitsch)
  31. Spain: (Carolina Casado)
  32. Belgium: (Angelique Vlieghe)
  33. Italy: (Linus)
  34. Ukraine: (Zlata Ognevich)
  35. Switzerland: (Kurt Aeschbacher)
  36. Georgia: (Nodi Tatishvili and Sophi Gelovani)
  37. Slovenia: (Ula Furlan)

@23:36 As you have probably heard, one of the interval acts in the Grand Final will be the performance of Emmelie's new song Join Us. The winner of 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, recorded a version of the song together with all the contestants. Here's it is LIVE from Copenhagen.

@23:32 Enjoying the show? Our host Lise really made an effort to find out some details about the artists that most of the people do not know. Molly was surprised with a cake! Hm, hopefully we will get a piece later in the backstage too.

@23:25 This one you really need to watch! The Eurovision Song Contest has been the biggest and most popular event in Denmark for many years. Danes are so crazy about it that they came with the idea about Museum of Eurovision History, that is full of great memories going way back to the beginning in 1956 until today. It's not really what you would expect, still it's hilarious! (Just that you know, we will have all those video clips from the show online quite soon!)

@23:19 There is no much time left! Vote and support your favourite artist. Every vote counts.

@23:14 After some moments in the Green room, the hosts decided to pay "some respect" to the number 12. Everyone in the Green Room hopes to get as many 12 points as possible. Not surprising as 12 is the highest score and it's such a magnificent number that there is a song about it. You will see their performance in the Grand Final, but we already have that video on our Youtube channel! 

@23:09 It's time for the interval acts. Nikolaj Cederholm, the stage director of The Mozart Theatre Concert in London, has written a humoristic and beautiful act. Based on Beethoven’s 'Ode to Joy', we’ll look into the future of The Eurovision Song Contest.

@23:05 While you are voting, we are going to share some of the photos we made during the performances of this year's 26 finalists? Whose performance you enjoyed the most?

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@22:59 We heard all the finalists who is your personal fabourite to win the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest? Let us know.

@22:54 And the last song to be performed in the Final is the UNITED KINGDOM's entry, Children Of The Universe. The singer is Molly, who wrote the song along the Swedish producer Anders Hansson, and she will close the competition with her short feathered dress. Before tonight’s show Molly said that this is going ot be: "the biggest performance of her life". Well, her song certainly has a strong message Power To The People.

@22:53 Second from last is SAN MARINO, which won one of the 10 Final tickets from Semi-Final 1, for the first time in the Final since they joined the Eurovision family in 2008, and also the first time for Valentina Monetta, who is makeing her third appearance in a row this year with the song Maybe. One more interesting fact: the hands of an pianist you saw at the beginning of the performance are the hands of the Eurovision legend, Ralph Siegel.

@22:48 And we come to the last three songs in the Final show. Number 24 is for THE NETHERLANDS and their simple country-inspired song Calm After The Storm performed confidently by Ilse DeLange and Waylon, or as they're called in this project, The Common Linnets. We called this a Eurovision touch of Nashville and also something completely different on the stage tonight.

@22:44 The home entry is performed at number 23. DENMARK is represented by Basim who has the task of succeeding Emmelie de Forest with his song Cliché Love Song, and of course he will try to do it with all the support from the Danish audience. The lighting reflects a warm, golden look, motown feel throughout, and on the final run through a huge banner unfurled from the rafters, displaying Basim's face and the word 'Love'. 

@22:40 Then comes MALTA with the family band Firelight. The country-pop song is called Coming Home and for them to be together in this stage again for the Final is like a dream come true and a once in a lifetime experience. The guys from the Maltese band see this as "once in a lifetime opportunity".

@22:36 Number 21 in the Grand Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest is for HUNGARY and the dramatic performance of Running by András Kallay-Saunders and his couple of dancers. "I have many songs about love but this time I decided to write about something more serious which is domestic violence and child abuse", András said for

@22:32 The next to perform is Sebalter from SWITZERLAND . His trademark is a whistling tune called Hunter Of Stars. Sebalter obviously has a new boost of energy to walk the stage, sing and play his violin, after qualifing for the Final in the Second Semi-Final. And his whistling is certainly contagious

@22:28 SPAIN starts at number nineteen with the powerful ballad Dancing In The Rain strongly performed by Ruth Lorenzo. She is assisted by four female backing singers and a storm on stage. As the rain stops the stage is filled with light and Ruth shines in the middle of it – and yes she is wet, otherwise her performance wouldn’t be conviencing enough while singing about the rain.

@22:24 We are glad that that the guys from FINLAND are around as they have a very strong pop-rock performance of their Something Better track. Softengine are the youngest male participants this year, even though when they are on stage it doesn’t really look that way. During their performance the Eurovision stage is full of lights and strobes helping the act to create a lively atmosphere. Besides, many girls out there will definitely enjoy seeing Finish guy on stage, because they are young, cute, but also very talented!

@22:20 Number seventeen this year belongs to SLOVENIA represented by the singer and flute player Tinkara Kovač. She qualified from the second Semi-Final with her song Round And Round / Splet bringing her country back in the Final for the first time in three years. We are so happy for them. 

@22:16 One more of the Big Five countries come up on stage at number sixteen, it is ITALY and their big star Emma. She performs the rock tune La Mia Città (My City), which she explained it is not about one particular town, but all the cities their crowd. She looks stunning in her Roman-glam, but the guys in her band too. Thanks for bring some glam rock on stage, Emma! And in Italian.

@22:12 RUSSIA is up next at number fifthteen with Masha and Nastya, the Tolmachevy Twins, and their song Shine. They actually keep shining with the lights on the stage at the B&W Hallerne just as they did in the First Semi-Final. They are actually quite known to the Eurovision audience, still as the contestants in Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Do you like their performance?

@22:09 And we move on to the second half of the participants in the Grand Final with FRANCE and the goup Twin Twin, Oh Yeah! They are one of the countries directly qualified for the final round with their lively song Moustache. It’s in French, the language we can still hear during the show every year. Do you prefer the Eurovision entries in mother tongue or in English?

@22:04 After the short break, it’s time to enjoy the performance number thirteen! It’s not like “12 points”, but 13 could actually be a lucky number for Sanna Nielsen from SWEDEN, who is also among the favourites this year. There are no pyros or special effects during her stage performance, but the lights and strong colours in the background, are definitelly helping her to deliver another amazing rendition of her pop-ballad Undo.

@22:00 It's time for a short break then, in which we will watch one of the Eurovision Book of Records videos. This time it is one about the highest note. Can you guess who won it?

@21:57 Right after Austria, comes the neighbouring country GERMANY and the newcomers, a folk-pop trio Elaiza, with the song Is It Right? Those folkish tunes do necessarilly come from the country they represent only. Their roots from Ukraine and Poland helped to write a great song, performed by three extremely talented girls. And they just got covered by a lot of pink streamers. What a finish!

@21:53 Another change of the rhythm and style. Setting the pace down again comes AUSTRIA at number eleven with the surprising act Conchita Wurst who caused a big commotion in the Second Semi-Final, when she was announced as the last qualifier. It seems like many artists have been inspired by the power and importance of rising, as Conchita’s song is called Rise Like A Phoenix. She belts her Rise Like A Phoenix Bond-inspired song also in the Final.

@21:49 The collaboration of the band Freaky Fortune and the rapper Riskykidd turns into a massive crowd pleaser at the B&W Hallerne and seems to be working with the voters too, as GREECE proceeded from the Second Semi-Final to the Grand Final, where they'll perform Rise Up joined by a trampolin jumper. However, this song is not written just to amuse people, it’s a movement, the guys told us, pointing out how people should “rise up”, fight for their rights and dreams. What do you think about it?

@21:45 At number nine comes POLAND (a country that has returned to the competition this year) with the Slavic Girls captained by Cleo. Some clothes washing, butter making and ethnic sounds are the ingredients that a music producer Donatan (who is not being on stage) mixed to create their hit My Slowianie. A very catchy ethno-hip hop song, you have to admitt! 

@21:40 When MONTENEGRO's Sergej Ćetković got the very first ticket for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final, he said he'd perform in this show on behalf of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia together, as those countries do not take part this year. He has a quite strong Balkan ballad with some Irish elements. Sergej sings about the world filled with love - Moj Svijet.

@21:36 ARMENIA has been heavily tipped as the favourite by the bookmakers, since the songs were unveiled, and its singer Aram MP3 is already in the Grand Final with his song Not Alone. He performs all alone on stage though, as song number seven. Still, even that it start quietly, Aram’s entry turns into a dramatic sympho-dub song. Any thought about his performance?

@21:33 They performed last in the Second Semi-Final. Tonight, their entry has a number six. We know Paula Seling & Ovi from ROMANIA very well. They came third in 2010 with the song Playing With Fire and they try to win it this time with the song Miracle. “We are getting closer and nobody can stop us believing in our dreams”, Paula said after the second Eurovision round on Thursday.

@21:30 And on the other side of the "tempo balance" coms NORWAY with the fifth entry in this year’s Grand Frinal of 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. The emotional ballad Silent Storm performed by Carl Espen accompanied by four female fiddlers on a ramp and a piano player. Still the performance appears to focus primarily on simplicity and his voice. 

@21:27 It's time to fill the stage with some colours. ICELAND starts at number four with the pop-punk song No Prejudice, a message of tolerance anti-discrimination performed by the band Pollapönk, each wearing a different colour suit. So, it’s not only about smiling and making you inner world colourful. They want the world without any discrimination, do you feel the same?

@21:23 The third country participating in the Grand Final is AZERBAIJAN. Dilara Kazimova was very close to represent her country in 2008 already. Back then she ended second together with the band Unformal in the national selection. This time she is alone. Well, almost. While she performs her song Start A Fire, Dilara is joined by a trapeze artists on stage. Both ladies are dressed in red!

@21:20 BELARUS is next with a charming performer Yurly Vaschuk from a town called Hidry. His stage name is Teo and the name of the song he is performing together with four men on stage is called Cheesecake. They are all wearing suits, not only because the guys want to look good. Teo wants to be taken seriously. He doesn’t allow girls to call him “sweety”.

@21:17 The honour of opening this year’s Grand Final has a “Tick Tock” girl from UKRAINE. Maria Yaremchuk proceeded from the First Semi-Final with an impressive stage performance involving a runner in a wheel! “I always knew this just has to be a tremendous experience, but now I can really feel why it’s so great. It's overwhelming”, Mariya said to

@21:15 Let’s start with the performance of competing songs! When it comes to this year’s postcards, the theme is “get closer”. Based on the key phrase, “My Country, My Flag”, DR (the host broadcaster) asked all the artists to create their country’s flag in the most creative way they could imagine. The result is an array of fun, breathtaking, clever, and entertaining greetings from the participating countries. Which one do you like the most?

@21:12 Lise, Nikolaj and Pilou are also on the stage. Don't get confused if you hear a few lines in a language you don't understand. No worries, English is still the official language of the Eurovision Song Contest. Still, here’s a greeting in Chinese “huan-ying dau wo-men, dho djy-hwei”. Why you may wonder? Well, this contest celebrates music from all of Europe, but it's also a show that has a worldwide audience - including in Chiina. 45 countries in total. There will be more than 180 million viewers around the globe again!

This content is unfortunately no longer available

@21:08 The music you can hear in the background is the winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest, 1963, Dansevise ("Dance Song") by Danish Grethe Ingemann and Jørgen Ingemann. They were the first duet ever to win the competition. Another track you will probably going to recognize is “Woo-Hoo” theme from all-female Japanese rock trio, used in Tarantino’s movie Kill Bill.

@21:06 But before that you are going to witness an adventurous arrival at the venue. Each delegation is represented by a flag bearer. We watch them arrive in an action-packed sequence on land, at the sea, and in the air. It looks really cool, doesn’t it?

@21:04 No wonder, because right at the beginning, there will be a “Flag ceremony” and a short introduction of each particpating country. All 26 contestants are going to show up on this year’s Eurovision stage and greet the audience!

@21:03 There will be a lot of flags flying around during the opening act, before Lise Rønne, Nikolaj Koppel and Pilou Asbæk our beloved Eurovision hosts, welcome all the fans in B&W Hallerne and millions of viewers across Europe (and beyond)! 

@21:01 Good evening, Europe! This the moment that we have been all waiting for so long.

@20:59 We just need to share this one. Doesn't this look unbelievable? 

@20:55 Last five minutes before the show. Stop whatever you are doing. Relax and enjoy the Grand Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, because it's going to be spectacular, we promise!

@20:34 This looks really amazing. Dear Eurovision fans, we love you all. Enjoy the show!

@20:29 Do you already use our app? Well you should as you can find all content there and not only that. Don't forget that you can also use it to vote (but not in all participating countries).

@20:17 It's getting really crowded! There will be around 11.000 people in B&W Hallerne and millions of viewers worldwide. Excited?

@20:00 Now we are counting the last 60 minutes! Prepared for tonight's show? Any favourites?

@19:48 There's one more video we would like to share before the Grand Final. We met Basim from Denmark. He is also like a host here (performing 23rd tonight by the way).

@19:29 The excitement in B&W Hallerne is rising as the show will start in 90 minutes. Our video guys are in the backstage, where they made a following video. All the finalists are getting ready for the Grand Final. These are the last preparation for tonight's show.

@19:07 Do you know all the tracks? What song you are listening the most and where: at home, in the car or you are one of those fans, who are walking on the street with the headphones on?

@18:42 We would really like to know, where do you usually watch the Eurovision Song Contest. Make a photo and share, but don't forget to use the Eurovision hashtag.

@18:22 There's over a thousand accreditated journalists and reports in B&W Hallerne this year!

@18:01 Copenhagen is getting ready for the Grand Final. Any Eurovision parties in your area?

@17:19 If you want to find more details about tonight's show, check one of our developing stories, we published during the dress rehersals. Anything else you would like to know?

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@17:02 For the participants from France, it was really important to make a Eurovision song in French. Do you think that the Eurovision Song Contest would be more interesting if more artists would choose to perform in their mother tongue? What you think?

@16:44 Are you enjoying are coverage from Copenhagen and our developing stories? Any suggestions?

@16:27 Both of them have very strong ballads and stage performances. Still, they have a same goal. Conchita from Austria and Sanna (Sweden) are amazing artists. This time we are going to hear how Sanna's version of Rise Like A Phoenix sounds. Any comments?

@16:18 At the moment, the voting procedure is being rehearsed at B&W Hallerne with the spokespersons from all the participating countries reporting joining LIVE from their TV studios. The EBU has already published the scheduled voting order. An algorithm has been created to try and make the voting as exciting as possible. 

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@15:59 Hopefully we won't have any rain tonight in Copenhagen, except on stage while Ruth from Spain preforms. Did you check any of our Video snacks? 

@15:45 You can expect more "Eurovision Book of Records" videos tonight. Do you know who keeps the record of the highest note while performing? Well, here's the answer. 

@15:36 If you are having problems to decide who to support tonight, have you check our Eurovision matchmaker? Such fun!


@15:29 Aww, a really sweet post Carl (Norway)!

@15:13 met András Kállay-Saunders between the rehearsals. "I have many songs about love but this time I decided to write about something more serious which is domestic violence and child abuse", he revealed in an interview, you can check out here.

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@15:04 The trainings and rehearsals take a lot of time and energy. We were around Molly's team some minutes before today's Dress Rehearsal.

@14:59 What kind of snacks you have around while watching the Eurovision Song Contest? A cake like this would be a great choice!

@14:48 We were hanging out with Jon Ola Sand, the executive supervisor of the Eurovision SongContest too. Let's check what he told us in this interview.

@14:35 Tonight is the night! Any favourites?

@14:28 We were playing a new game this year. It's called: Spot the trophy! But today we thought why not checking all those amazing moments from the previous years. Here are some of the winners with a Eurovision trophy in their hands!

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@14:15 You need a scoreboard for tonight's Grand Final? Well, we have one, you can download here.


@14:07 "It's such an honour to be part of the Eurovision Song Contest", Ela (Elaiza from Germany) said in an interview for "One year ago we were playing in front of 20 people in our first concert, and now we are on that big stage", Yvonne added. More in the following article.

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@13:58 Do you remember Verka Serduchka? We are glad to see her again!

@13:45 The voting order has been also defined right after the results from last night's Jury Final were clear. An algorithm has been created to try and make the voting as exciting as possible. You can find the full list here.


@13:38 Tonight, it's up to you dear Eurovision fans. After you see all the acts you will be able to vote! Who are you going to support?

@13:33 Last night we had the Jury Final! The Dress Rehearsal at 21:00 CET was aired for the expert juries in 37 participating countries and they all have evaluated the 26 performances and gave their votes. 

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@13:28 If you are wondering what's going on in arena during the last rehearsals, here's a sneak peek. Enjoy!

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@13:25 Since Thursday night, we know all the finalists and the running order. You already have that list, right?

The Contenders

  1. Ukraine: Tick-Tock sung by Mariya Yaremchuk
  2. Belarus: Cheesecake sung by Teo
  3. Azerbaijan: Start A Fire sung by Dilara Kazimova
  4. Iceland: No Prejudice sung by Pollapönk
  5. Norway: Silent Storm sung by Carl Espen
  6. Romania: Miracle sung by Paula Selling and OVI
  7. Armenia: Not Alone sung by Aram MP3
  8. Montenegro: Moj Svijet sung by Sergej Ćetković
  9. Poland: My Slowianie sung by Donatan and Cleo
  10. Greece: Rise Up sung by Freaky Fortune feat. Riskykidd
  11. Austria: Rise Like A Phoenix sung by Conchita Wurst
  12. Germany: Is It Right? sung by Elaiza
  13. Sweden: Undo sung by Sanna Nielsen
  14. France: Moustache sung by Twin Twin
  15. Russia: Shine sung by Tolmachevy Sisters
  16. Italy: La Mia Città sung by Emma
  17. Slovenia: Round And Round sung by Tinkara Kovač
  18. Finland: Something Better sung by Softengine
  19. Spain: Dancing In The Rain sung by Ruth Lorenzo
  20. Switzerland: Hunter Of Stars sung by Sebalter
  21. Hungary: Running sung by András Kállay-Saunders
  22. Malta:Coming Home sung by Firelight
  23. Denmark: Cliche Love Song sung by Basim
  24. Netherlands: Calm After The Storm sung by The Common Linnets
  25. San Marino: Maybe (Forse) sung by Valentina Monetta
  26. United Kingdom: Children Of The Universe sung by Molly