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Lithuanian first finalists known

Posted 14 December 2012 at 8:00

According to LRT, after the jury and the telephone votes have been combined, these four entries are proceeding to the final (click on the title to watch the performance):
One more song from the first semi-final will be chosen as a wildcard in the next few days. If you missed the show you can watch the first semi-final again.

The second semi-final

This is the running order of the second semi-final which will take place next Saturday (click on the title to watch the performance):
  1. BEISSOUL & GABRIELĖ GRICIŪTĖ - Beautiful Life (Raigardas Tautkus, Raimondas J.Nabus, Beissoul, Gabrielė Griciūtė)
  2. MONIKA - Baby Boy (Dmitrij Šavrov)
  3. SOPHIE - Make It Happen (Eglė Sabaliauskaitė, Einius Jarutis)
  4. LINAS ADOMAITIS - I W 2night (Linas Adomaitis, Bjorn Hansen)
  5. GIRMANTĖ VAITKUTĖ - Time To Shine (Vytautas Bikus,.Girmantė Vaitkutė)
  6. GINTARĖ KORSAKAITĖ - Dreaming (Raigardas Tautkus, Jokūbas Daubaris, Gabrielė Griciūtė, Raimondas J.Nabus)
  7. EL FUEGO - Ledo Gabalėlis (Laura Remeikienė)
  8. GIEDRĖ SMOLSKAITĖ - Stay Awake Tonight (Raigardas Tautkus, Gabrielė Griciūtė)
  9. DAR - JUMP! (Arvydas Martinėnas, Gorgi)
On Saturday 15th of December the second semi-final of Lithuania for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast on LRT and you can watch it live on their webcast at 20:00 CET
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