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Lithuania: Two Singers - One Kiss!

16 May 2015 at 12:08 CEST
Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila shared a kiss during their performance in 2015 EBU
They joined the Lithuanian national selection as solo artists and they left it as a duo. The winning duo, to be more precise. The secret of their performance is "One Kiss" - not just mentioned in the lyrics but also shown live during their stage act. A real looker, everyone talks about it, one of the big moments in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. Today they rehearsed for the second time in Vienna. Check out how it went right here on!
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Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila kicked off this day of rehearsals in the Wiener Stadthalle, and This Time is just the right song to raise one's mood for a long day. Even though there were only few people in the audience, the two joyful singers managed to get them clapping and screaming when they were running across the stage, holding hands, and waving at them.

Vaidas' outfit had slightly changed compared to the first rehearsal, and also the backdrop was adjusted. Check out our photo gallery and video footage to see it up close!

Changing Colours

During their first rehearsal at the Wiener Stadthalle, Vaidas had a cold and had to tone down his voice. "This time it's vice versa - now Monika has a cold, and I feel much better", he told when he arrived backstage. 

The light setting and LED displays used in the first rehearsal were very colourful. Did they like it? "Not to the very last point because our costumes are as colourful as well. So we had to blur a little bit of the colours down. We'll see if that happens in today's rehearsal, or not", Vaidas explained.

When we have a look at social media, by far the most frequent question Monika and Vaidas are asked until this day is: Are they a couple? Are they even getting married? "Probably. Maybe. Or maybe not", they reply... So there is at least one secret that is still to be revealed!

A real kiss and a simulated one

In the postcard of the Lithuanian entry, Monika and Vaidas were bungee jumping from a bridge of 96 metres height. "It was amazing actually - I am happy that I did it", Monika said. "It was the first time I did it. We were asked if we wanted to do something extreme, and we chose bungee jumping. And when we arrived there we were like: woohoo - noooo!"

"We will make some slight changes in our next rehearsal, we are still thinking about it. The sound is really good, very professional", they commented about today's rehearsal.

A journalist asked why Monika and Vaidas kiss for real during their performance while the backing vocalists only simulate it. "Well - that's why we have three rehearsals. You will see what happens in the third one", Vaidas replied, laughing.

"I really like Vaidas, he is the best one, and that's why I am on stage with him", Monika replied to the question why he sang together with him.

"In Lithuania, Eurovision is a big thing, and sometimes you just have to put your egos away. When we first tried we just realised that This Time is so much better as a duet, and that's why we decided to go for it", Vaidas explained the decision to team up with Monika in their national selection.

Why did Monika's dress into the Lithuanian book of records? "People were cutting those little pieces of fabric on my dress, and it took a few days. It's a few thousands of them after all", Monika answered.

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What they did in their free time