Lithuania: Three more finalists known

A total of 36 entries were originally selected to participate in three semi final shows in Lithuania, these were split in to three groups of 12 songs, although last week only 11 songs eventually participated in the first semi final, and tonight the song from Merūnas was also withdrawn leaving 11 competitors also for the second semi final.

Tonights competitors were in order of presentation (Qualifiers in Bold) :-

  • Mariaan Seppern - My Home Is Europe
  • Mundis & Electric Ladies - Sielos Muzika
  • Raimonda Masiulytė  - Ledinė Sirdis
  • AGAMA - Field Of Kings
  • Audrius - Right Now
  • Ruslanas Kirilkinas - I Love A Boy Who's In Love With A Fairytale
  • Marta Lukošiūtė - Meilės Ruduo
  • Amberlife - Material World
  • Saulės kliošas – Tu Atėjai
  • Mini-Me - Always
  • Donatas Montvydas - Running Fast

As with last week, the voting to decide the qualifiers was a mixture of jury and televoting. The three qualifying songs are highlighted above. This means that Donatas Montvydas, AGAMA and Ruslanas Kirilinkas will join the three qualifiers from the first semi final Aiste Pilvelyte, Sasha Son & Nora and Monika Linkyte in the Lithuanian national final will be held on March 4th.

Lithuania's best result to date was in 2006 in Athens when LT United finished in sixth place in the Final of Europe's Favourite TV Show with their entry We Are The Winners.



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