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Lithuania: Sasha Son is new Dima Bilan?

24 April 2009 at 17:17 CEST

The whole month of January was Dainų Daina month in Lithuania, with three heats giving way to two semi-finals and the grand final on Valentine's Day. A total of 36 entries were chosen for the selection, of which twenty made it to the semi-finals. A lucky ten made it to the final.

After the televotes were in, they were given out by region. After the thrilling process, Sasha Son won in competition with Donatas and 69 Danguje. He was a hot favorite already before the final, scoring very high in the previous levels of the selection and in the polls carried out in Lithuania. You can see his self-written winning entry Love below.


Gratitude from the President

While in Lithuania, Sasha Song (Birth name Dmitry Shavrov - Dima Savrovas and in Russian Sasha Son) has established himself as a young solo artist and at the age of twelve had consequently released a solo album, Svajoniu Laivas (The Ship of Dreams).

His legendary song Mamai (To Mother) made him known all around Lithuania and has become one of the most significant and influential songs in Lithuanian music history.

He won numerous international competitions throughout Europe and received a letter of gratitude from the President of the Republic of Lithuania for his achievements for the country.

After a period of eight years in London where he had studied music Sasha has returned home and together with his music partner Hywel Sam received a Grand Prize at the international music contest - Palanga 2005.

Now he'll take the stage in the second Semi-Final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest on the 14th of May, performing fourteenth. You can read more about him on his Artist Profile.