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Lithuania's Vilija: "I am cheerful and my song is catchy!"

08 May 2014 at 20:19 CEST met Vilija before her big show on Thursday. Very confident and in a good mood, the singer told us that she is very thankful for all support from all her fans and family. "My sister came to Copenhagen to give encouragement to me. She is a biggest fan of mine. And she likes my song. And it means a lot!"

"How would you describe your personality in one word?" - "Cheerful!". "And your song?" - "Catchy," Vilija laughed.

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"I am not nervous before the show," Vilija said. "Just quiet and doing my best. And of course, my expectations tonight are to go to the Final."

Vilija told us about her collaboration with her dancer Šarūnas Kirdeikis: "We know each other alredy nine years. We met first when I took part in a reality show. Šarūnas was our choreographer. Since then we started working together."