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Lithuania's long journey to Vienna

02 November 2014 at 21:21 CET

The Lithuanian broadcaster LRT welcomes all musically talented artists to take part in their national selection. The submission is opened for all foreign and national composers/authors whilst only the Lithuanian solo artists/bands can send in their applications till the 15th of December. More details you can find out on the official LTR site.

The Lithuanian marathon of artists and authors

The whole Lithuanian national selection is divided into ten programmes that will be broadcast on the national television and on the Internet.

Programme 1  - the 3rd January 2015 - Introduction of the 12 selected contestants

During the first show, the 12 internally chosen participants will perform non-competing songs by Lithuanian authors, in Lithuanian language. Jury and audience will have the possibility to vote for their favourite entry, but  none of the entries will be eliminated from the first show - the voting results will be added up with the results of the programme 2.

Programme 2 – the 10th of January 2015 – World hits

All 12 contestants will perform world hits in the second heat. The voting results from the first and the second shows will be added up. An artist with the least votes will be eliminated from this show.

Programme 3 – the 17th of January 2015 – Introduction of the competing songs

In the third heat, participants will perform their 11 competing songs. Songs and performers will be qualified separately. After an expert jury and audience vote, two participants with least number of reached points will be eliminated, as well two songs receiving least number of points. If an artist gets eliminated, it doesn’t mean that the song performed by such artist is eliminated too.

Programme 4 – the 24th of January 2015 – Nine competitors in the game

Like in the programme 3, two participants who will get the least number of points will be eliminated as well as two songs with the lowest number of points. Songs and performers will be again qualified separately.

Programme 5 – the 31st of January 2015 – Seven competitors in the game

In this round, the voting procedure is the same as in the last two shows. Two participants and two songs with least number of votes will be separately eliminated.

Programme 6 – the 7th of February - Five competitors in the game

Two artists and two songs with the lowest number of votes will be defeated by their strongest competitors.

Programme 7 – the 14th of February – The winning song final

In this heat, none of the three competing artists will be eliminated. The jury and audience will chose the song they want to send to Vienna from Lithuania.

Programme 8 – the 21th of February - The winner of the national selection

In this round, the jury and audience will decide who of three participants they want to hear in Vienna. In case there is a tie, performers receive an equal number of votes, the jury’s vote shall be deciding.

Programme 9 - 28 February 2015 – The best of the national selection

Programme 10 – 1 March 2015 - Winning performer’s support concert

Contestants ranking 1st to 6th place are obliged to participate in the Support Concert.

Voting system

During all the shows, TV viewers can vote for their favourite songs and artists by sms or phone calls. The results of the jury (50%) and audience voting (50%) will be announced in the end of each show. The jury members may not appoint performers/songs equal points.

We are looking forward to the middle of December to find out who will take part in Lithuania's journey to Vienna!