Lithuania ring the changes today

Sasha Son had voices his concerns regarding the direction of the performance during the first rehearsal, and also was unhappy about the lighting and backdrop on the LED monitors. In addition to this, the final chorus of the song is now performed in Russian as Sasha had decided to try a multilingual version today.

Sasha wears a black suit with a white shirt and black hat. He begins at the piano and moves to the front of the stage half way through the song. At the end of the song, Sasha holds up his hand and a live flame appears. The word Hope is also displayed on the LED screen at the end of the song.


At the opening of the press conference, Sasha took the opportunity to voice his concerns. He said "Today the lighting was better and the complete view is now rather good. I am however, very upset that we cannot use our video during the song. My video expresses my thoughts and views. I'm very offended that i'm told I cannot use it. My show is nothing without the video."

A question was asked about the new multilingual version of the song which was presented today. Sasha commented that nothing is final yet and they are trying out different versions of how to present the song.

Sasha closed the conference by saying that his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest would only be positive for his career in Lithuania. He adds "It will help to boost my career and status, even if we take last place, life goes on. We will still write and record."

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