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Ruslanas Kirilkinas, one of the contestants
Ruslanas Kirilkinas, one of the contestants
Photo: V. Radžiūno (

Lithuania: Eight acts chosen for the semi-final

Now when there are just two shows left until the final decision on the Lithuanian representative in 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, all the artists are giving their best, hoping to get even bigger support among the fans, TV viewers and jury members, in order to qualify for the next round of the competition. Eight acts have achieved that goal tonight.

The eighth show of the national selection "Eurovizija" in Lithuania was aired tonight (February 27), and it featured ten performances (of qualifiers from the sixth and seventh round of this year's competition).

For the very first time, all the artists (those who applied with, and, without a song) were competing in the same show. Ten qualifiers from the previous two rounds performed in tonight's round.

Ten acts were performed in the following order

  1. Catrinah Be Free
  2. Ruslanas Kirilkinas In My World
  3. Milda Martinkėnaitė If Tomorrow Never Comes *eliminated
  4. Erica Jennings Leading Me Home
  5. Saulenė Chlevickaitė Strong *eliminated
  6. Aistė Pilvelytė You Bet
  7. Valdas Lacko Stay Tonight
  8. Rūta Ščiogolevaitė United
  9. Donny Montell I've Been Waiting For This Night
  10. Ieva Zasimauskaitė Life (Not That Beautiful)
Gallery: Impression of the 8th show


  • Donny Montell
  • Aistė Pilvelytė
  • Erica Jennings
  • Rūta Ščiogolevaitė
  • Ieva Zasimauskaitė
  • Ruslanas Kirilkinas
  • Catrinah
  • Valdas Lacko

*The results are based on jury votes (Lithuanian and international) and a public televoting (50/50).

The results
The results © LRT

Like in the previous shows, the acts which received the least support from the jury members and TV viewers across the country were eliminated, except this time two artists had left the show instead of three.

The national jury in the fourth show consisted of Ramūnas Zilnys, Darius Užkuraitis, Nomeda Kazlaus and Justė Arlauskaitė.

Furthermore, the international experts who shared their votes in tonight's show were: William Wells (a producer of the US band Imagine Dragons), Dave Holmes (British guitarist) and the band Brainstorm from Latvia.

Erica Jennings talks to

“Leading Me Home - is about the human spirit and all that it can endure. It’s about strength, hope, faith, love, solace, conquering our fears and all the emotions we all face as human beings. These are the feelings that unite us as human beings," said Erica Jennings for

"It is about coming back to our center, to our core. Leading Me Home stands out, which is already a reason. The Eurovision is a song contest and I believe it is a great song. When entrants try to copy the last years winner, it never works, although it often happens. The song that always wins is something that stands apart. Besides that I have the stage experience to give a great performance. I only ever sing live and I expect the absolute best from myself every time, no matter where I perform. Having been there before also helps," she added.

This redheaded bombshell has thrived on the Baltic music scene ever since she began her professional career as a teen. She has won every possible award many times over, both as part of a collective with “SKAMP” (1998-2015), “The Ball & Chain” (2011-2013) and as a solo artist featuring on the “Living Theatre” compilations Vol 1-4 (2001-2004).

A love of different musical genres is a key part of her writing and performance and has become her signature style. Currently recording her debut solo album which some have said is best described as “Gourmet Pop”. Timeless and direct, hauntingly beautiful and emotionally charged vocals, with lyrics that cover universal topics of the modern woman. When asked about her solo debut and her eclectic electro-pop sounds, she says “These are first and foremost very personal songs I wrote in my little home studio on my keyboard. They are songs that mean the world to me, and I simply want to share them with everybody”.

Her first live solo performance was June 2015, warming up for Róisín Murphy where she showcased a 30min set of her new material to rave reviews. Her first solo release “Old Friends” (May 2015) went to the top of the radio charts in Lithuania sitting at #2 for a few weeks.

While busily recording her solo album she’s also seeking international representation both with labels and booking agencies. Erica’s got a lot to be proud of. From collectives to club-track vocalist to “the girl who can sing anything” this debut album will showcase her talents as an artist is her own right. “I feel like it’s time. I’ve always been a singer; I can’t imagine my life without music. But now I have the confidence and experience to go solo”.

10 shows, 27 acts, one ticket to Sweden
On December 21, 2015, LRT announced the names of 28 artists selected for this year's national selection. Among the contestants, there are some well-known Eurovision faces. Erica Jennings represented Lithuania in 2001 (as a member of the group SKAMP), and Donny Montell, who took part in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.

In the meantime, the Lithuanian public broadcaster confirmed that there will be 27 acts competing for the role of Lithuanian representative in Stockholm at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.
There are ten rounds of the competition this year. The final of Lithuanian "Eurovizija" is scheduled for 12th of March at 20:00 CET. It will also be broadcasted live via webcast on

The semi-final of the competition in Lithuania will be aired on 5th of March, 2016 at 20:00 CET. If you've missed tonight's show, you can still watch it online