Lithuania chooses first finalists

After three quarter-finals held the past Saturdays, a total of 20 semi-finalists were chosen. Tonight these ten fought for a place in the final (qualifiers in bold)

  • Egidijus Sipavičius - Per Mažai
  • Violeta Tarasovienė - Aš Būsiu Šalia
  • Vilius Tarasovas - Aš Tik Tavim Tikiu
  • Darius Pranckevičius and Violeta Valskytė - Nelytėta Viltis
  • Milanno and Karina Kryśka - Kelias Pas Tave
  • Sasha Son - Pasiklydęs Žmogus
  • Rosita Čivilytė and N. Montvydas — Dainų Daina
  • BIX - Visko Pradžia
  • Linas Adomaitis - Tavo Spalvos
  • Aurelija Slavinskaitė -  Part Of Me

The winner was this time Sasha Son.

It was also revealed that the broadcaster has disqualified Deivio Norvilo and Rūtos Lukoševičiūtės due to plagiarism. It's possible that LRT will now ask two other performers to join the semi-final.

Next Saturday the second semi-final will be broadcast where the rest of the songs will compete. Who will represent Lithuania in Moscow at the 54th Eurovision Song Contest, will be decided on the 14th of February.

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