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Lithuania: A good style and a qualitative song matter!

10 December 2014 at 15:47 CET

It will 16th time Lithuania participates in the Eurovision Song Contest. Every year, the LRT discuss and analyse not only the musical quality of the song but also styles and stage costumes of their participants.

Aleksandras Pogrebnojus, a well know Lithuanian fashion and costume designer, has a very clear opinion about this. As he says, not only the stage costume is an important part of the performance but also a performer’s charisma and energy plays a big role: "In my deep belief costumes did not give any luck or bad luck to any of the Lithuanian participants at the Eurovision Song Contest. It is not about that! […] I believe a performer’s charisma matters the most in this international music contest. […] Signals from charismatic performer go straight to peoples mind and they enjoy it.”

Here you can look at different styles of the former Lithuanian participanats in the Eurovision Song Contests:

This content is unfortunately no longer available

Write the history in the Lithuanian national final and win prise money!

There are only some days to the deadline for sending in the song applications in Lithuania. Composers not only from Lithuania but from all around the world can send in their songs until the 15th of December and compete for the golden pot.

A composer whose song will be performed in Vienna will get a generous prize – 4 500 euros from association LADGA (copyright collective administration). It is also a great opportunity to introduce a song to the whole world and to make it famous.

This pleasant situation is familiar to the composer and  the singer, Dmitrijus Savrovas, better known by stage name Sasha Song. Dimitrijus Savrovas together with Marijus Adomaitis composed song Love and participated with this single in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest.

Sasha Song’s single Love was recorded in three different versions: Lithuanian (Pasiklydęs Žmogus), English (Love) and Russian (Odinoky Geroj). It was a great chance to earn good profits – an author gets benefit from song copyrights every time it’s played. Single Love generated about 30 000 euros profit for its authors.

"I am happy that people have great taste in music in Lithuania and vote for good songs. People really liked my song Love and that was the reason why it spread around the world. That is how I earned money from one single”, Sasha Song says.  

Dmitrijus Savrovas (Sasha Song) has experience of 20 years on the stage. To everyone who wants to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest he emphasises that the author of the golden song can become everyone from all around the world. So do not hesitate and send in your application to Lithuania!