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Litesound are the Belarusian heroes

15 May 2012 at 14:39 CEST
Litesound performed 'We Are The Heroes' for Belarus in 2012 EBU

Just before Litesound prepared for their sound checks in the Crystal Hall, we took the opportunity to have a quick chat with two of the group members, Jacopo Massa and Dmitry Kariakin.

"It's awesome to finally be here" said Jacopo "to take part in this competition. I live 2,000 km from Minsk, but there are a lot of fans that know me, and they support us."

Asked about how he was feeling prior to going onstage, lead singer Dmitry said "I feel a really nice sound in my earphones, and I'm feeling comfortable at the moment."

All jazzed up

Dmitry,who is also one of the composers of the song, was also keen to tell us that they have made a new video of the song, with a big band jazz version.

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Aside from the lead singer onstage,Litesound comprise three guitarists, a drummer and one backing vocalist. The latter was dressed casually for the rehearsal, but all the main members of the group were dressed in their costumes, Black is the dominant colour in the outfits, trimmed with silver accessories, as in their belts, buckles and chain. Dmitry has a ripped net t-shirt.

Horizontal hold

As with several others acts, there is a gimmick to watch out for, and with Litseound it is when the three guitarists come round in front of their microphone stand and lean back into an almost horizontal position, and appear to defy the laws of gravity. It is achieved by them hooking one of their feet into a strap on the floor, to hold them in place.

At one point Dmitry makes use of the ramp on the stage and comes down it towards the audience, and the steadycam comes around him and heads upstage.

The LED background screens, use images of what appear to be nuts, bolts, cogs and wheel parts, mainly in shades of blue and yellow. The final run through saw the use of some pyro effects at the climax of the song.

The younger girls watching in the auditorium definitely appreciated the group, and gave Litesound some great applause at the conclusion of the rehearsal.

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What's in a name?

At the press conference, they were asked how they had come up with the name of Litesound? "It's a long story" stated Dmitry "we wanted to create a unique name that sounds good and shows our nature, wie wanted to give people light and energy and release. We want people to believe in themselves, because if they don't believe in themselves then they have wasted their chances."

He added that "we tried so many times for Eurovision, and we nearly gave up but now were are finally here, we carried on."

There latest attempt this year had looked in doubt, as initially they had been declared the runners up in this year's Eurofest competition. They were asked about how they found out that they had been declared the winners?

"It was about one and a half weeks before we knew, we had big support in Belarus, and there was an investigation into the voting, and we were very happy when we found out. I still can't believe I am here, every year it was second or third places, I was thinking I will never get to Eurovision."

Appeal across Europe

Belarus has only twice before made the Final, so could Litesound progress further in the contest this year?  They had noticed that certain countries, particularly in Scandinavia and the Balkans, seemed to make the Final almost every year, while other such as Belarus only make it a few times.

They hoped that Eastern European countries such as Russia and Azerbaijan would vote for them, as well as their fan base, and that the pop/rock style of their song would also appeal to Western Europe, so that the combination  will hopefully bring them a place in the Final on the 26th of May.

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