Listen to the 20 Latvian entries to try for Eurovision

In Latvia, an expert jury has chosen 20 entries to compete in the national selection Eirodziesma 2011. The entries to compete for the chance to be the Latvian representative in Düsseldorf were chosen from 71 submitted songs.

You can already listen to all 20 songs on the official Eirodziesma website (link to the right).


Performed in Eurovision 2003

The 20 entries will be divided into two semi-finals. From there, they will proceed to either the final or a second chance round. The final of 12 entries is scheduled for the 26th of February.

A familiar face in the upcoming Eirodziesma is Lauris Reiniks. He performed the Latvian entry Hello From Mars as part of the group FLY on home ground in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest.

Only Latvian composers are allowed to participate in Eirodziesma.

Latvia has finished last in the last two Eurovision Song Contests.


The full list – here's all the Latvian contestants

On order of submission:

Juris Ludzenieks – Beautiful World
Elina Krastina-Grence – Look Back At Me Again
Oksana Lepska – Live On!
Lauris Reiniks – Banjo Laura
Agnese Rakovska ("Trianas Parks") – Upside Down
Dace Upite – Magnet
"Crazy Dolls" – Positively Thinking
Marats Ogleznevs & Emils Balceris – Angel In Disguise
Girts Zebulins & Atis Zviedris (Flame) – Rough Enough
Kaspars Timanis & "Labveligais Tips" – Daylight
Emils Balceris – Let Me Be
Ivo Grisnins: Grislis – Cinderella
Dace Upite & Nikolajs Puzikovs – It's Not Easy
Liene Bronusa (Candy) – Love Is Like An Aeroplane
Evija Sloka – Don't Stop The Dance
Ineta Rudzite, Uldis Timma – Walking On My Tiptoes
"The Secretz" – Summer Night
"Pienenu vins" (Dandelion Wine) – You Are
Janis Stibelis – Let It Be Me
"Blitze" – Hop

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