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Lisa Angell to represent France with "N'oubliez pas"

23 January 2015 at 12:13 CET

N'oubliez pas was written by Robert Goldman, brother of Jean Jacques Goldman. The song was first perfomed on a concert in November during the commemoration period of the First World War, while the singer emphasizes that the song refers not only to this very special event in history but to any kind of conflict.

 Je me souviens du rire des enfants, la voix des hommes quand ils partaient au champs, les fêtes des moissons, l'odeur dans les maisons, les éclats d'amour et de joie. Mais je suis là, n'oubliez pas.


This part of the lyrics translates as: "I remember the smiles of the kids, the voice of the men when they went out in the fields, the Thanksgiving celebrations, the scent in the houses, the love and laughter. But I am here, do not forget."

You can now listen to the full version of the song:

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Who is Lisa Angell

Lisa Angell got famous after accompanying magician Dani Lary in his touring comedy show Le Chateau des Secrets, and later on the televised Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde, where she attracted the attention of popular entertainer Patrick Sébastien, who asked her to appear on his televised talent show, Les Annees Bonheur.

Lisa Angell released three albums. Her debut album Les Divines was released in 2011.