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Lisa Angell: "It's a song about hope and peace"

17 May 2015 at 14:10 CEST
Gifted with a powerful voice, Lisa Angell is extremely "proud and happy" to represent her country in Vienna. On stage, the French participant will perform N'oubliez Pas - a song of "hope and peace, of courage and solidarity". To sing on Eurovision stage was always Lisa's dream. When she was a little girl, she used to sing in front of TV for her family, pretending to be a star. In the age of 11, she sang L'oiseau Et L'Enfant during her first regional song contest. Now, we are all excited about her rehearsal!

Most of us learn the First World War from books. What do we know about it? Lisa Angell reminds us of those horrible years, full of ruins, deaths and cry. Through all her performance, the singer conveys this strong emotion.

The protagonist of the French entry is a woman who comes back to her village and tells about a story she’s been through. The place where she lived is destroyed. At the beginning of the song, singer is full of rage and sadness. Also the backdrop tells the story of the war: ruined houses, grey sky, hundreds of soldiers.

The woman doesn’t want  to remain passive. She wants to lead all those around her to get courage to make joy, habits, and life back in the village what she also manages in the end - nature appears on the backdrop again.

This song is a song of hope and of universal peace. It could be applicable to any village anywhere in the world, whether it would have been through any environmental disaster, a conflict, or a tragic situation.

Gallery: Lisa Angell during her first rehearsal

"My daughter supports me from Paris"

The French singer is very excited and can hardly wait to see the stage: "These are amazing moments" "You’ll see my dress during the rehearsal, but there will be some choreography, you’ll discover it later,” the participant didn’t wanted to reveal the secret yet. Lisa Angell enjoys Vienna and she has already learnt some Germany words, “four words: Guten Mogen, guten Tag, Dankeschön, bitte schön," - said the singer. 

Lisa has a very good relationship to her daughter: "Unfortunately she can’t come to Vienna, but my heart is with her - it gives me power. My daughter supports me from Paris," - said Lisa.

Lisa Angell’s song N'oubliez Pas is the story of a woman, her rage, her fighting, her bravery and her determination to fight and to decide that she’ll rebuild her village - that’s the role the French performer plays on stage.

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