Ireland's Jedward took a futuristic spin on the iconic shoulder pad look in 2011
Ireland's Jedward took a futuristic spin on the iconic shoulder pad look in 2011 Photo: EBU

Lipstick red jackets for Jedward

Futuristic Santa Clauses!

Jedward appeared backstage in different costumes from their first rehearsal. This time, they are wearing red costumes instead of the black and golden ones from the first attempt on stage. "We look like the futuristic Santa Clauses!" they say, breathlessly.

Yesterday, like all artists, they attended the Düsseldorf welcome party. "We walked on the Red Carpet... It could have been a green carpet or a yellow carpet, or multi-coloured! It felt like the Grammy Awards," they said

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An orchestra performed in the party, and after the performance, when people were leaving, the twins went up on the stage on the conductors position. They added : "It was just to get a cool photo, as no one else did it. We're doing everything different to everybody else, if somebody's walking, we will run" 

For their second rehearsal, they will try their flips on stage again. This is not something new in their repertoire. "It's cool to do flips! On stage, we've done 16 front flips on stage, and the most cartwheels is like 26!"


The performance on stage is amongst the most energetic seen at Europe's Favourite TV Show. Jedward move around almost every inch of the stage. There are two male and two female backing singers backing the brothers.

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Jedward arrived at their second press conference wearing silver suits with wings. When asked about their competition, they said "We've checked everyone's songs out on line, Lena is very cool, Norway, France and Denmark are also really good."

Jedward said of their jackets, We will have a surprise for the Final, ultra shiny red jackets, if you look at them they will blind you! We want to give a performance that everyone is excited about."

It's no secret that Jedward have taken a shine to Germany's Lena, they said "Lena is very cool, We met Lena lots of times, we gave her flowers last night, but she just wants to be friends!."

Jedward for the olympics?

Before John and Edward took part in the X Factor in the United Kingdom, they were heavily involved with athletics.A journalist asked them if they wanted to go to the Olympic Games in 2012 as athletes.

They answered "Before the X Factor we trained every single day, we had so much running. We'd love to represent our country in athletics. We'd be at an advantage though as we could run over the line heads first so our hair would cross the line first, Usain Bolt would have no chance!." 

When describing how to dance to Lipstick, Jedward said "You have to smile, do loads of pointing, have loads of attitude and be really in the moment"

It takes time for people to get us

Jedward said they enjoy being underdogs and not favourites. They add "We'd rather be the underdog, it takes time for people to get us. It's good that we have people who like us and those who don't. We'd like to do a tour around Europe if we won, making impact, loads of fun just like in X Factor." 

John beat Edward in an arm wrestle at the press conference, despite the fact Edward used two hands! It was commented that despite their high jinks, Jedward hadn't been seen around a lot at the parties. They said "We don't drink, we don't smoke. We're not really in to parties. However, the Queen is coming to Ireland soon so we need to learn how to drink tea!"

In their last statement of the press conference, John said he'd like to be remembered as being a saint, and Edward said the most important question of life was "How does my hair look?"

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