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Line-up complete in Belgium

Tonight at the Videohouse in Vilvoorde, the Belgian national selection, Eurosong 2014, continued in earnest with four acts competing for the two final places in the Grand Final, which will take place at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp on the 16th of March.

The result was decided by both the televote and the professional jury.

The qualifiers

Tonight the following two acts qualified to the Grand Final:

  1. Axel Hirsoux - Mother
  2. Bandits - One

The participants

Four acts took part in tonight's extravaganza from Vilvoorde. These were (qualifiers in bold):

  1. Nelson - Wild Side
  2. Axel Hirsoux - Mother - 1st Place
  3. Tisha Cyrus - Kitty Cat
  4. Bandits - One - 2nd Place

The interval act featured the band Clouseau, who represented Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991 with the song Geef het op, tonight singing a new song. 

The final line-up

Now that we have found our final two qualifiers for the Grand Final of Eurosong 2014, we now have six songs ready and eager for the final next Saturday. The running order for the Grand Final has not yet been determined by VRT. These are: 

  1. Eva Jacobs - Nothing Is Impossible
  2. Udo - Hero (In Flanders Fields)
  3. Yass - Need You Tonight
  4. SIL - What's The Time In Tokyo
  5. Axel Hirsoux - Mother
  6. Bandits - One

Belgium will take part in the first Semi-Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place at the B&W-Hallerne on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen on the 6th of May.