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Lill Lindfors voted the most popular presenter of the 1980s

16 October 2016 at 11:30 CEST
After Sweden won the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest with the Herreys and their song Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley, the contest was held in Gothenburg's Scandinavium arena. Lill Lindfors was chosen as host by Swedish broadcaster SVT to present the show. Lill fought off strong competition from 1987 presenter Viktor Lazlo to be voted the most popular presenter of the Eurovision Song Contest from the 1980s.

Lill Lindfors was born in Helsinki, Finland in 1940. She represented Sweden in the 1966 contest where she finished second with the song Nygammal Vals, a duet with Svante Thuresson. 

Lill is best remembered for her relaxed and humorous presentation style, making jokes throughout the show in 1985. She opened the contest with a performance of the song My Joy is Building Bricks of Music. As Lill took to the stage UK commentator Terry Wogan quipped that she was "all-singing, all-dancing" before adding that "she's probably done all the flower arranging and I understand she took the tickets on the way in and painted the set!"

One of the most memorable moments is of course her deliberate wardrobe malfunction where her dress was ripped off as she took to the stage before the voting. When Norway's Bobbysocks won she said to them "I must say I am honestly very happy that this happened because Norway has been last on so many times that you really deserve it!"

Check out some of Lill's best moments from the 1985 contest below:

In 1998 Lill became Sweden's Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF and is still performing today.  

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