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Light and bubbly for Switzerland

Anna on stage and in love for a while

Anna Rossinelli is wearing a sparkly mid length dark red dress, which effectively catches the light. She is accompanied on stage by her boyfriend who is playing the double bass, as well as a guitarist, who is seated, and also plays the banjo at the start of the performance. Anna starts at the back of the stage between the two musicians before taking centre stage at the front. By contrast to the pyrotechnic effects of many songs, there are bubbles being blown on stage from the back.

The background projection on the screens comprise different coloured clouds shapes, and large multi coloured stars, in amongst the bright yellow and orange of sun like rays.

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Some comments from backstage

 "This is the first time I perform on a really big stage. This is the first time I see this stage."

"I think the Eurovision Song Contest will bring us experience. It's good both for me and my musicians to get to perform on this stage."

"I was asked to perform the song, and then the two guys in my band joined me."

Here are some pictures backstage of Anna Rossinelli. 

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After having the opportunity to study the playback in the viewing room, Anna, accompanied by George and Manuel had their first opportunity to meet the press. They said that they might makes some small changes but generally they were ready for the First Semi-Final.

Anna had appeared very relaxed during her rehearsals, but as she pointed out the hall is quite empty at the moment, it will be completely different on the big night.

She talked a lot about being a street performer, and how she had been discovered by composer David Klein who asked her to perform In Love For A While at the Eurovision Song Contest. She confessed that she hadn't been a regular viewer of the contest, but had seen the event when Lordi won in 2006, and she promised that she would watch it regularly in the future.

As the very first song chosen for this year's contest, Anna was asked how many times she had performed the song since it was selected. The group reckoned that maybe it was something like 350 times, but especially on the occasion when they made the video, when it was like 150 times. Although they hadn't performed it often on television. They did however perform it once more at the press conference for the assembled fans and journalists.

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Anna Rossinelli's background

With her soulful voice and authentic, natural radiance, the 23-year-old singer Anna Rossinelli from Basel appeared from nowhere and made it straight into the semi-final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest 2011.  However, when it comes to stardom and an international career, the likeable and refreshingly modest singer has both feet firmly on the ground.

The catchy and tastefully-arranged acoustic song has been written and produced by the well-known Swiss musician David Klein, who has previously composed songs for stars such as Herbert Grönemeyer, Xavier Naidoo and Sarah Connor.

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