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Life After Eurovision: Part Two

28 August 2014 at 01:04 CEST

For the second part of this series we picked four artists who recently released new material. The winner for Denmark last year, Emmelie de Forest. Waylon, one half of the The Common Linnets, the duo that took The Netherlands to a second place this year. Belgium's 2013 artist Roberto Bellarosa and Norway's singer in 2011 Stella Mwangi. Come and check them all in our slide:

Emmelie de Forest - Drunk Tonight

The winner of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, Emmelie de Forest not only handed the crown to Conchita Wurst in this year's contest in her native Denmark, but also performed her winning song Only Teardrops and the theme of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Rainmaker. Now she's back with a new single, the heartfelt Drunk Tonight, from her forthcoming, yet untitled album. It is a very special song for Emmelie, as she mentioned on her twitter

Waylon - Love Drunk

The Netherlands caused one of the biggest impacts in this year's contest with the song Calm After The Storm by The Common Linnets, a combination of two solo artists for the Eurovision ocasion where they finished in second place. Now the male part of the duo, Waylon, just released the country-pop song Love Drunk, a new single featured on his album Heaven After Midnight that will be released on September 5th.

Roberto Bellarosa - Agathe

Last year in Malmö Roberto Bellarosa performed Love Kills on behalf of Belgium giving them one of their best results in recent years. To celebrate his 20th birthday on the 23rd of August (Happy Birthday Roberto!) he released the video for his new song which is called Agathe. It's a catchy pop tune written by the popular French artist Pascal Obispo.

Stella Mwangi - Biashara

One year after hosting the Eurovision Song Contest, in 2011, Norway was represented by Stella Mwangi who sang the unforgettable Haba Haba in the First Semi-Final. She didn't stop releasing music since then and her career has flourish also in African countries such as her native Kenya, Senegal or South Africa. Get ready for a big change of styles both musically and visually in her latest single Biashara (Swahili for business) in which Stella teams up with rappers Kristoff and Khaligraph Jones.