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Life After Eurovision: Part One

06 July 2014 at 20:21 CEST

For the first article of this series we picked four male artists who recently released new material. Hungary's 2014 artist András Kállay-Saunders, Ireland's 2013 singer Ryan Dolan, Bosnia-Herzegovina's 2010 performer Vukasin Brajic and Nick Gain, the lead singer of the band representing Andorra in 2007, Anonymous. Come and check them all in our slide:

András Kállay-Saunders - Juliet

Fresh from his 5th place at this year's Eurovision Song Contest representing Hungary is András Kállay-Saunders. He's won the ESC Radio Awards for Best Male Artist and Best Song for his entry Running which has also got the Bravo Otto Award in the same category. Besides the accolades András is back with a new single, a heartbroken-love pop song which he first performed live at the Euroclub in Copenhagen, Juliet:

Ryan Dolan - Fall To The Floor

Last year in Malmö, Ireland was represented by Ryan Dolan who took to the Final the dance-pop track Only Love Survives. His new song is called Fall To the Floor and is quite a change of style from his Eurovision entry to a more alternative-rock sound. "This is a track that I co-wrote with my good friend Wez Devine, also co-writer of Only Love Survives, over 3 years ago and we are only getting around to releasing it now. I hope you all enjoy it!" says Ryan on his website. A new album release it's planned later in the summer.

Vukasin Brajic - Na Usnama

In 2010 Bosnia-Herzegovina was represented by Vukasin Brajic who reached the Final with his rock song Thunder and Lightning. His new single is called Na Usnama (On Your Lips), and it was writen by Vukasin's bass player Damir Mojsin, after his girlfriend left him. "It's a strong love story with mixed emotions" and a rock sound, "I worked on the song for 7 months until I got it the way I wanted it", as Vukasin explains and now you can check it yourself:

Nick Gain - Born In The 80s

Ten years ago Andorra debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest and participated for 6 years. The tiny Pyirinees state never managed to qualify for the Final but their best placement came in 2007 when the pop-punk band Anonymous reached 12th place in the Semi-Final, out of 28 participants, with 80 points for their song Salvem El Món. The lead singer in Anonymous, Niki Francesca, has started a solo career with the stage name Nick Gain. And yes, he's undergone a change of image as you can see in the video for his new electro-rock track Born In The 80's which he wrote, produced and arranged himself: