Germany rehearsal 2017
Germany rehearsal 2017 Photo: Thomas Hanses

German hopeful Levina has only one plan - music

Earlier this afternoon, Isabella 'Levina' Lueen came to Kyiv's International Exhibition Centre to rehearse her song Perfect Life on the Eurovision 2017 stage for the very first time. While she is only 25 years old, she already has a powerful motto in life — one she even tattooed on her arm.

"I don’t have a Plan B, because if you focus on that, Plan A will never work," she said during a quick chat with She even tattooed these words on her arm to remind herself of that important message every single day.

Levina was smiling all the time when caught up with the German representative: "I am so excited to be here. It is good to finally be on stage and feel the vibe."

Something special

When asking her about the performance, Levina initially kept her lips sealed, but then said: "I can only say that I hope the performance is going to be something that sticks into people's heads. The focus will be on the voice, but we do have something special planned for the audience.” 

The German singer didn’t want to reveal anything about her outfit yet: "You will see it soon enough!"

"My dress will most likely stay the same"

After the first rehearsal, caught up with Levina again: “The rehearsal went very well, I’m very pleased with it." The German hopeful said that the production crew will be making some small changes regarding light and special effects for the next rehearsal. "My dress will also most likely stay the same as I was wearing during the first rehearsal," Levina revealed.

Levina will take the stage again on Sunday, 7th of May, for her second rehearsal. As one of the 'Big Five' countries, Germany is automatically qualified to take part in the Grand Final on Saturday, 13th of May.

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