Lena's World Cup hopes crushed after Spanish win

Lena is currently in the Netherlands to promote her new album, My Cassette Player. In an interview by Novum, she was questioned about the possibility that Germany will play against the Netherlands in the World Cup final on Sunday.

"Yes, I am watching the World Cup matches. I am not such a big football fan (...) After 1974, Germany is a big challenge for the Dutch, but we will beat you again," Lena said to the Dutch reporter. In 1974, the Netherlands lost the World Cup final against Germany with 2-1. 

Tonight at 20:30 CET, Germany plays against Spain for the last available final ticket. From most European countries, you can watch the match live through the live streaming website of our Eurovision Sports colleagues.

Update 22:20 CET: Germany did not manage to beat Spain in the semi-final tonight, and will thus compete for the 3rd or 4th place in a match against Uruguay this Saturday. Spain will compete against the Netherlands in Sunday's final. So far the football update on your favourite Eurovision Song Contest website!

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