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Lena more popular than ABBA

09 August 2010 at 14:58 CEST
Lena won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010 with her song 'Satellite' EBU

Some weeks ago, when we published the the list of the most popular Eurovision Song Contest stars on the social-networking site Facebook, Lena was lacking almost 20,000 fans to beat the legendary band, ABBA. 

With that she'd be the third most popular artists related to the contest, after Celine Dion and maNga. But now the time has come and today was the day she had gathered over 398,000 fans, followed by ABBA's a little less than 398,000. This means, that at least on Facebook she's more popular than the Swedish quartet.

The rest of the top ten has changed as well. The biggest gain comes from maNga who has managed to gather almost 13% more fans, more amazing as they already had nearly 770,000 fans! The fans of Zeljko Joksimovic have also done an amazing job and have grown by 12% the past couple of weeks.

This is the current standing of the top ten most popular Eurovision Song Contest stars on Facebook, below.

Top 10

  1. 1,238,345 (+8%, same position) Celine Dion (winner of the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest), watch the performance 
  2. 864,621 (+13%, same position) maNga (represented Turkey in 2010), watch the performance 
  3. 398,159 (+9%, one position higher) Lena (the reigning queen of Europe's favourite TV-show), watch the performance 
  4. 397,855 (+4%, one position lower) ABBA (winner of 1974), watch the performance 
  5. 269,243 (+5%, same position) Tose Proeski (FYR Macedonia, 2004)
  6. 211,019  (+9%, same position) Sakis Rouvas (represented Greece in 2004, 2009), watch his 2004 performance and his 2009 entry 
  7. 186,945 (+8%, same position) Dino Merlin (Bosnia and Herzegovina 1999)
  8. 116,952 (+10%, same position) Elena Paparizou (vocalist of the 2001 Greek entry and winner of the 2005 edition), watch her 2001 performance and her victorious 2005 act
  9. 111,534 (+8%, one position higher) Anna Vissi (Greece, 1980, 2006; Cyprus 1982)
  10. 110,122 (+12%, two places higher) Zeljko Joksimovic (Serbia & Montenegro, 2004; writer of the 2008 Serbian entry), watch his 2008 entry

The biggest riser in the chart is Zeljko Joksimovic, who managed to get to the top 10, from the 12th position and Anna Vissi, who placed 9th this time. Mor ve Ă–tesi, on the other hand, failed to qualify this time and is now placed eleventh, pushing Alexander Rybak twelfth.

By the way, Rybak managed to gather his 100,000 fans, as he wanted, having now almost 106,000 fans on Facebook. Congratulations!