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Lena: "I don't think when I'm singing"

28 May 2010 at 21:00 CEST

The first question Lena had to answer in her second press conference was how she felt about the results of the Semi-Finals and the Final line-up. She replied that she was sad that The Netherlands and Sweden had not qualified, and she added that she was very nervous but looking forward to the Final. Talking about the favourites, she said: "Every country can win." Stefan Raab added: "Apart from The Netherlands, obviously. I would love to invite them to my show tonight, though, but I could not reach them."

Lena said that, in her opinion, not having competed in the Semi-Final was not a disadvantage for her. "If people like you, they will vote for you anyway," she explained. When she was asked if her performance in the dress rehearsal tonight would feel any different for her due to the national jurys voting at the same time, she answered: "I feel normal, it's nothing special or new for me."

A jounalist asked the young star from Germany who she thinks of when she is singing. "I don't think when I'm singing. There is no more space in my brain," she replied. When she, once again, was asked about her accent when singing in English, she said that she was tired of that question and she wanted to sing a song instead. Accompanied by Stefan Raab on the acoustic guitar, she sang a very funny version of No Matter What by Boyzone with alternative lyrics mocking a typical German accent and common grammar mistakes.

When a journalist from the United Kingdom mentioned similarities between Lena and the British singers Lily Allen and Kate Nash, she said she did not admire or copy them. "I love them, and I would love to come to the UK, but they are not my idols," she added. She also confirmed that she had managed with all her exams before the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. She said she felt confident but did not know the final results yet. Of course, Lena also performed a short excerpt of Satellite for the press.

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