Lena enters Eurovision orbit

When Lena first entered the stage, she was already welcomed by the applause of the German fans and journalists gathering in the arena. The stage was lit in blue during her performance, with small bubbles, also lit in blue, hanging from the ceiling. The background scenery was relatively dark, dominated by flickering blue lights, with additional turning spotlights creating a disco atmosphere.

The young artist was supported on stage by four female backing vocalists. Apart from them, she needed no further support by special effects or gimmicks, Lena just flirted with the cameras and showcased her very own dancing style, which already won her many fans in her native country Germany.

In today's rehearsal, Lena appeared on stage in a short and simple black dress, and the backing vocalists were also dressed in black. Lena was vocally convincing, and the camerawork showed many close-ups of her. Will the European TV audience fall for the German Satellite? We will see on 29th May, the night of the Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest!


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"I was very, very, very excited"

In the beginning of the press conference, Lena was asked how it felt to perform on stage in Oslo for the first time. "I was very, very, very excited, but after a few rehearsals it was just fun and cool," she replied. The delegation confirmed that there would be no changes in the performance until the second rehearsal, but the team said they requested more close-ups in the camera work.

When a journalist asked how it felt to be the favourite for victory, Lena said it did not matter to here. Stefan Raab added that betting odds in general did not mean much when it comes to deciding who would win and he added: "The real favourite is The Netherlands. It's so revolutionary reactionary, it must win."

Lena thanked her fans in her home town of Hannover for supporting her during the last months, and she said she was very happy that they will also be cheering for her in a week, on the night of the Final.

As a press release had been published some days ago which confirmed that Stefan Raab would also be involved in the German national selection for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, after having participated already three times, a journalist asked if he did not get tired of doing it over and over again. He said that, as long as the public was happy, he would not see anything bad in his continuing involvement, and he reminded the press that he always took part in different roles.

A member of the press asked why Lena looked disappointed on the night of the German national final, when she won with the song Satellite and not with her apparent personal favourite, Love Me. She answered: "I was just tired, not sad or disappointed, and now, Satellite is already my favourite song."

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Lena's Success Story

Pretty much out of nowhere – apart from the homemade dance videos and a few attempts with the school band – Lena conquered the audience’s heart during the national German final for the Eurovision Song Contest. “I didn’t tell my friends about my first casting for the show, so there wouldn’t be any stupid comments if I got kicked out straight away,” she says, thinking of her terrible stage fright.

Even though Lena danced regularly during her childhood – from Ballet to Jazz and Hip Hop – she made her way to music without piano lessons or vocal training. But she got her chance, grabbed it and developed rapidly. Directly after the German national final, her single Satellite went to the top of all national charts and stayed there for weeks. Lena even created a new German download record: never before had a song sold so well in such a short time!

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