LEDs all over the stage for Hungary

Kati Wolf arrived in Düsseldorf after managing quite an ordeal: "I'm afraid of flying, but my flight here was really good, so I'm okay. I came yesterday in the evening with my family. I'm so excited now!", she said. She admits that her song is vocally demanding. To get the best possible out of it, she has decided to perform the English language Eurovision Song Contest version with only small parts remaining in Hungarian.

"It's not easy to sing, but we've had a lot of rehearsals. At concerts at home, I always sing the Eurovision version of the song, so now I've performed it to many people," Kati Wolf added. The Hungarian performance uses LED lights on the costumes of the backing artists. "I hope it will be special. The dancers and the vocalists wear them, and I have a beautiful flashing brooch," Kati says.

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When moving to the stage from the dressing rooms, the artists walk three floors down in the arena stairs. If they took the lift, they could in the worst case scenario get stuck. Kati had to balance on her high heeled shoes down the stairs. But she doesn't complain. "This is good for our legs," she smiles. 

After Kati Wolf had entered the stage, she and her two backing vocalists had a first soundcheck, and they seemed to manage well even with the complicated parts of their entry What About My Life. Apart from them, another dancer was on stage in the beginning of the song, with two more dancers only joining after the first chorus. They showed an elaborate choreography, including even a somersault!

All backing artists wore white costumes with white LEDs attached to them. Kati herself wore a stylish dress in light blue with a shining brooch on it. The stage lighting was also mainly in blue, with blinking patterns on the LED screens in the background. Turning spotlights added to the 1980's feel of the Hungarian entry.

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The Hungarian press conference started with a short introduction of the team behind the Hungarian entry and of the artists featured in the stage performance. Kati Wolf confirmed that she was very happy with both the sound and the staging of her first rehearsal. She stated that the fact that she was a favourite in the fan polls and with the bookmakers put pressure on her, but still she was enjoying being on the Eurovision Song Contest stage.

After performing a short part of the original Hungarian version of her entry, Szerelem Miért Múlsz, Kati Wolf was asked if it made a difference for her to perform a song written by her father, who is a well-known composer, or by a team not directly related to her, as it's the case with her current material. She said that, of course, she had different feelings when she was part of the process of a song being created by her father, but in the end, it didn't matter to her when it comes to the actual stage performance.

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As a seven year old girl, Kati sang the title track of the popular Hungarian cartoon Vuk - and the whole country fell in love with her. Her big breakthrough came in 2010 though as a finalist of the Hungarian version of the talent show X-Factor.

Kati, who is now a proud mother of two little children, proved that she can turn to a glorious diva on stage anytime. Asked about her idols, she names Whitney Houston and Freddie Mercury, and her big dream is to sing a duet with Michael Bublé one day.

At the beginning of this year, Kati started working on her solo album. Her first single Szerelem, Miért Múlsz? became a big success immediately. The song is a composition of Viktor Rakonczai and Gergő Rácz, two former members of the boygroup V.I.P. who represented Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997 in Dublin.

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