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LED screens on a street organ for Sieneke

19 May 2010 at 12:08 CEST

Sieneke, the young and talented singer representing The Netherlands in the Second Semi-Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, rehearsed for the first time today. She performed on a colourfully lighted stage in front of a large street organ, on which LED screens were placed. They were showing hearts, sun rays and parts of the lyrics of Ik Ben Verliefd (Sha-La-Lie) throughout the stage act.

In front of the organ, there were two backing dancers, dressed like dolls. The stage setting fit the cheerful entry, which is sung completely in Dutch language, very well, and Sieneke delivered a professional and happy performance, supported by three female backing vocalists. In today's rehearsal, Sieneke was performing in casual clothes, but her clothes for the Semi-Final were already shown to the cameras: white trousers and a white blouse.

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The Dutch press conference was cancelled, as the Head of the Delegation announced that Sieneke had to save her voice for the Semi-Final according to the advice of her personal doctor. At the same time, she confirmed that Sieneke will definitely perform in all rehearsals and on the Semi-Final night. The delegation was very happy with today's first rehearsal, and the Head of Press thanked all the fans for their support.

Replying to the question of a journalist, he gave more details about the street organ on stage behind Sieneke. He explained that, for the Semi-Final performance, only a prop is used because the weight of a real organ is 1600 kilos, which is too heavy for the stage floor. The instrument is originally from Amsterdam, where it is played on the streets for tourists.

Pierre Kartner, the composer of the song, will arrive on Wednesday next week, when a special press event will be organised with him. In the end of the conference, Sieneke arrived for a short photo opportunity for the press.

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As a child Sieneke was always singing and dancing. She was only eight when she started doing street dance, and a few years later she took up ballroom dancing. Over the years Sieneke began to perform at parties in various locations throughout the country, which she enjoyed very much. That’s how, two years ago, she met the well-known Dutch singer Marianne Weber, who immediately recognised the great talent in Sieneke. They carefully started to make plans, but Marianne urged Sieneke to be patient. The decisive moment came when TROS broadcasting company approached Marianne to enter a talent of her choice in the Dutch National Song Contest. Marianne did not hesitate for a minute and knew that now was the time right to promote Sieneke and at the beginning of February, Sieneke proved to be victorious in the Dutch national heats.