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Latvian pirates come to shore

14 May 2008 at 14:11 CEST

Pirates Of The Sea consists of  three lead singers Aleksandra Kurusova, Jānis Vaišļa and Roberto Meloni. They all have differing backgrounds but came together to win the Latvian national selection with their song Wolves Of The Sea. A tale of the historical endeavours of their ancestors, and tells of their backbreaking lives, rebellious spirit, freedom, masculinity and tenderness while showing their patriotism and love for the planet earth, and an unquenchable thirst for adventure.

During the rehearsal today, it seemed that not all of the props were in place, and the final visual aspects of the performance will not be clear until the dress rehearsals. The Pirates are joined by three other backing singers .Amongst the items used on stage are antique weapons and swords, with skull and cross bones flags being waved. Rumour has it that the Pirates could be using an authentic ship steering wheel and this has been held up in customs but will be available for the next rehearsals.

The pirates arrived in full costumes to the press conference with Pirates of The Sea playing in the background. With regards to the staging, the obvious question of what happened with the other props was raised, to which Roberto answered "Well, they considered us pirates very dangerous at the airport so we couldn't bring the items straight away!".

Roberto was a member of the 2007 Latvian Eurovision Song Contest representatives, and a journalist asked him what it was like to change from the black hat to the pirates outfit. Roberto says "Well, we were six guys last year, and as you can see we have a mixed group this year. With every year we have changes, we need to be different from the others, especially when there are 43 countries. We just want to give 100%, enjoy what we do and show our heart and soul."

Towards the end of the conference the Pirates told the media that they are planning to continue to work together and are woprking on an album. The concept of which is they try to find a different treasure in each country they visit , a melody to fit them, a happy pirate song!.

Latvia will participate in the Second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday May 22nd.