Latvian finalists known


The songs were chosen by an internal jury formed by LTV. It consisted of composers, film directors, musicians, composers and producers. The songs qualified for the selection are as follows:



  1. Make My Day (music, lyrics, performer: Edijs Šnipke) 
  2. Time Goes (music: Romāns Falkenšteins, lyrics: Romāns Falkenšteins, Ņina Kovaiko, performer:  Camillas). 
  3. For A Better Tomorrow (music, lyrics, performer: Valters Frīdenbergs)
  4. Party (music: Johnny Salamander, lyrics: Meldra Gūža, performer: Johnny Salamander)
  5. Tic Tac (music, lyrics: Ingars Viļums, performer: Iveta Baumane)
  6. Without You (music, lyrics: Pāvels Murašovs, performer: Ketta)
  7. Don't Want To Say Goodbye (music, performer: Katrīna Tene (Fidji), lyrics: Tarmo Keranens)
  8. In Love We Trust (music: Tomass Kleins, lyrics: Guntars Račs, performer: Aisha, Ella, Olga)
  9. Call Me Any Time You Need A Problem (music: Aivars Rakovskis, lyrics: Agnese Rakovska, performer:  Triānas Parks)
  10. Be Yourself (music: Kristaps Krievkalns, lyrics and performer: Ginta Ēķe)
  11. Have To Say Goodbye (music, lyrics, performer: Madara Celma)
  12. Angel Of Mine (music, lyrics: Mārtiņš Freimanis, performer: Kristīna Zaharova)
  13. Running Around (music: Dace Planāre, lyrics: Aivars Freimanis, performer: Dace un Frīdis)
  14. Bye, Bye (music, lyrics: Markus Riva, performer: Sabīne Berezina)
  15. I Wish I Could Pretend (music: Lauris Reiniks, lyrics: Lauris Reiniks, Gordon Pogoda, performer: Kristīna Zaharova)
  16. When The Sun Is Going Down (music: Arturs Palkevičs, lyrics: Leonīds Jevsejevs, Sergejs Ivanovs, performer: not known)
  17. Sastrēgumi (music: Kārlis Lācis, lyrics: Jānis Elsbergs, performer: Intars Busulis)
  18. Aizejot (music: Edijs Dukurs, lyrics, performer: Miks Dukurs)
  19. Place To Be (music: Andris Barons, lyrics: Brita Barone, Diāna Dubrovska, performer: Ģirts Zebuliņš)
  20. Hey (music: Kjell Jennstig, lyrics: Leif Golkuhl, performer: Aisha)
  21. Dynamite (music, lyrics: Mikael Erlandsson, performer: not known)

The Latvian final will have three semi-finals this year, not two like previous years. Three songs from each semi-final will qualify for the final. One song will be chosen in a second chance round. The voting will be mixed between a jury and televoters. The first semi-final will be held on 31st of January, second on 7th of February, third on 14th of February and the secod chance round on 21st of February.




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