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Latvia: The four songs through to the Supernova final

Gordon Roxburgh
Gordon Roxburgh
Posted 21 Febuary, 2016, 22:50

Tonight the semi-final of Supernova 2016, the Latvian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, was held. Out of seven acts left in the competition, four qualified for the grand final. Find out who they are!

The following four acts have qualified tonight for the final of Supernova 2016, to be held on Sunday February the 28th:
  1. Catalepsia - Damnation (Televoting choice)
  2. Justs - Heartbeat  (Televoting choice)
  3. Marta Ritova - Not From This World  (Jury choice)
  4. MyRadiantU - We Will Be Stars (Jury choice)
This was the complete line-up of the show: 
  1. Justs - Heartbeat
  2. Markus Riva - I Can
  3. (Samanta Tina - The Love Is Forever) (Withdrawn)
  4. Catalepsia - Damnation 
  5. Marta Grigale - Choices 
  6. Ivo Grīsniņš-Grīslis - We Are The Light
  7. MyRadiantU - We Will Be Stars
  8. Marta Ritova - Not From This World
During the show, and after she had performed her song, Samanta Tina announced her withdrawal from the competition. As a consequence the song was withdrawn from the televoting list.

The jury tonight consisted of DJ Rudd, Kaspars Roga, Ieva Kerēvica and Intars Busulis. Regular jury member Guntars Račs was consulted on the phone backstage by his fellow jury members during the judging process to get his input.
The Supernova final will take place on Sunday February the 28th and you can watch it live on!
Which song is your favourite to represent Latvia in Stockholm?
Gordon Roxburgh
Gordon Roxburgh
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